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Genre Pop and rock music
Dates 29 January 2005
Location(s) Sydney Cricket Ground, Sydney, Australia
Years active 2005
Founded by Michael Chugg,
Joe Segreto & Tom Lang of IMC / Homebake Festival and
Mark Pope of Mark Pope Music
WaveAid Site

WaveAid was a fund raising concert held on Saturday, 29 January 2005, as a means for raising funds for the victims of the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake, known as the Boxing Day tsunami. It was held at the Sydney Cricket Ground and broadcast on television by Channel [V] and MTV, and on radio by Triple J, Triple M, NOVA and World Audio Radio 2. The event was organised by Michael Chugg, Joe Segreto of IMC/Homebake Festival and Mark Pope.

Part of the between-band entertainment was the screens to the side of the stage showing live feeds of audience members with captions including important messaging pertaining to the catastrophic results of the tsunami and methods which those in attendance and watching on TV could donate.

Funds raised[edit]

The event was mainly organised by the Australian music industry spearheaded by Michael Chugg, Joe Segreto of IMC/Homebake Festival and Mark Pope. They aimed to keep the overhead costs as low as possible so that as much profit as possible would go the affiliated charities. Almost all of these costs were waived or heavily discounted. The organisers estimated that if this had been an ordinary festival, these costs would have been around $3,527,908. WaveAid ended up costing $596,727 to stage.

The money raised from donations and ticket sales came to $2,896,727, meaning that the total money raised was exactly $2,300,000.[1]

Affiliated charities[edit]

Performers, MCs & selected songs[edit]

DVD release[edit]

The concert was released as a DVD with selected performances from all of the groups. The DVD also featured a 17-minute documentary "Making Waveaid Happen", which includes interviews with artists, press conference footage and interviews with event organisers and promoters. The DVD donates a portion of its earnings to the WaveAid charity also.[2]

  1. "London Still" - The Waifs
  2. "Lighthouse" - The Waifs
  3. "Crazy Train" - The Waifs
  4. "This Is How It Goes" - Missy Higgins
  5. "Casualty" - Missy Higgins
  6. "Scar" - Missy Higgins
  7. "The Ship Song" - Nick Cave
  8. "Barricades and Brickwalls" - Kasey Chambers
  9. "Pony" - Kasey Chambers
  10. "Not Pretty Enough" - Kasey Chambers
  11. "Fall Your Way" - Pete Murray
  12. "Lines" - Pete Murray
  13. "Feeler" - Pete Murray
  14. "Weather With You" - Finn Brothers
  15. "Won’t Give In" - Finn Brothers
  16. "Throw Your Arms" - Finn Brothers
  17. "Evie Pt 1 - Let Your Hair Hang Down" - The Wrights Feat. Nic Cester
  18. "Evie Pt 2 - Evie" - The Wrights Feat. Bernard Fanning
  19. "Evie Pt 3 - I’m Losing You" - The Wrights Feat. Phil Jamieson
  20. "Peaches and Cream" - John Butler Trio
  21. "Treat Yo Mama" - John Butler Trio
  22. "Hello" - John Butler Trio
  23. "Betterman" - John Butler Trio
  24. "Zebra" - John Butler Trio
  25. "Israel's Son" - Silverchair
  26. "Without You" - Silverchair
  27. "Ana's Song (Open Fire)" - Silverchair
  28. "The Greatest View" - Silverchair
  29. "The Door" - Silverchair
  30. "Bless My Soul" - Powderfinger
  31. "My Happiness" - Powderfinger
  32. "Passenger" - Powderfinger
  33. "These Days" - Powderfinger
  34. "On My Mind" - Powderfinger
  35. "Read About It" - Midnight Oil
  36. "The Power and the Passion" - Midnight Oil
  37. "Say Your Prayers" - Midnight Oil
  38. "Beds Are Burning" - Midnight Oil
  39. "The Dead Heart" - Midnight Oil
  40. "Forgotten Years" - Midnight Oil
  41. "Best of Both Worlds" - Midnight Oil

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