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WaveGroup Sound is a music production company known for its creation of music for numerous video games. Since 2014, WaveGroup has been the official sound design team for Facebook.


WaveGroup Sound was originally co-founded by engineer James Allen and musician Will Littlejohn in Brisbane, California, doing audio post production for film, commercials, and corporate training videos.[1] WaveGroup relocated to the Silicon Valley in 1996, with Littlejohn later acquiring full ownership of the company.

WaveGroup's work shifted to video game music and sound design, and by the early 2000s the company was the leading producer of music for interactive music video games, producing music for popular series like Karaoke Revolution, Rock Band, Guitar Hero, and others.[2][3]

WaveGroup's sound design work includes sounds for the Jawbone Era Bluetooth headset and JAMBOX Bluetooth speaker. The company also did Interactive Voice Response (IVR) work for major corporations such as American Express and Fidelity Investments and others.[4]

WaveGroup produced in-app notification sounds for Facebook's Messenger, Slingshot, and Instagram Bolt instant messaging platforms, and in 2014 the company became Facebook's official in-house sound design team.[5]

Partial music game portfolio[edit]

WaveGroup produced many or all of the songs or song covers for some of these video game titles.



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