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WaveRunner is a trademarked name and type of personal water craft (PWC) produced by the Yamaha Motor Company.[1] Unique to the WaveRunner among PWCs is the spout of water that shoots into the air from the rear of the vehicle, a visual brand identifier that exists as a trademark of Yamaha.[2]

Products in the WaveRunner line include the Yamaha WaveBlaster and Yamaha SuperJet.


The Yamaha Motor Company currently produces four different series of WaveRunners.[3] They are:



Video game[edit]

Developer(s)Sega AM-1
Mode(s)Single player, multiplayer
Arcade systemSega Model 2

WaveRunner is a Sega racing arcade game developed and released in 1996. The game was built on the Sega Model 2 arcade hardware. The game is based on the water craft of the same name by Yamaha, which Sega consulted with when making the game.[5]

WaveRunner was designed in a cabinet that resembled an actual WaveRunner model. The game features three courses: "Novice", "Intermediate", and "Expert". Players can do tricks on ramps. Players steer by either turning the handlebars or using their weight to make the WaveRunner model lean in the direction of a turn.[6] Up to four cabinets can be linked together for multiplayer racing.[6]

WaveRunner wasn't ported to any home systems. This game is emulated on the Model 2 Emulator by ELSemi.

A sequel, WaveRunner GP, was released in 2001 and used the NAOMI hardware and was available on standard cabinet and deluxe cabinet, which is the same cabinet as the first game. However, The standard cabinet was actually a cabinet of Arctic Thunder, which released by Midway a year earlier in 2000.


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