Wavelength (1983 film)

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Wavelength (1983 film).jpg
VHS release cover
Directed by Mike Gray
Produced by James Rosenfield
Written by Mike Gray
Starring Robert Carradine
Cherie Currie
Keenan Wynn
Music by Tangerine Dream
Cinematography Paul Goldsmith
Edited by Robert Leighton
Mark Goldblatt
Distributed by New World Pictures
Release date
  • September 16, 1983 (1983-09-16)
Running time
87 minutes
Country United States
Language English

Wavelength is a 1983 low-budget, independent science fiction film written and directed by Mike Gray and starring Robert Carradine, Cherie Currie, and Keenan Wynn.

The story involves a young couple who discover childlike aliens being held by the U.S. government for experimentation in an underground bunker.

The film is set in the Hollywood Hills and the Mojave Desert and features a soundtrack by Tangerine Dream.


Wavelength (soundtrack).png
Soundtrack album by Tangerine Dream
Released 1984
Recorded 1984
Genre Electronic music
Length 37:55
Label Varèse Sarabande
Tangerine Dream chronology
Risky Business

Wavelength (1984) is the fourth soundtrack album and twenty-first overall by the German band Tangerine Dream. It is the soundtrack for the film Wavelength starring Robert Carradine, Cherie Currie, and Keenan Wynn.[1]

No. Title Length
1. "Alien Voices" 0:16
2. "Wavelength Main Title" 1:54
3. "Desert Drive" 2:00
4. "Mojave End Title" 3:59
5. "Healing" 2:23
6. "Breakout" 1:09
7. "Alien Goodbyes" 1:50
8. "Spaceship" 2:18
9. "Church Theme" 3:41
10. "Sunset Drive" 3:23
11. "Airshaft" 3:10
12. "Alley Walk" 2:55
13. "Cyro Lab" 2:13
14. "Running Through The Hills" 1:30
15. "Campfire Theme" 1:23
16. "Mojave End Title Reprise" 3:51

Many of the tracks are remixes from other albums:

  • "Desert Drive" and "Spaceship" are remixed excerpts from "Quichotte, Part One" from Quichotte.
  • "Healing is a slightly remixed excerpt of "Tangram Set One" from Tangram
  • "Church Theme" is a remix of "Silver Scale"; a song that was performed live during European tours in 1980 and 1981, but not released by that name until 1994 on Tangents.
  • "Sunset Drive" is a remix of "Remote Viewing" from Exit.


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