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Waverley Bridge viewed from the Scott Monument

Waverley Bridge is a road bridge in Edinburgh linking Market Street in the Old Town with Princes Street in the New Town. The bridge forms part of the roof of Edinburgh Waverley station and marks the eastern boundary of Princes Street Gardens. The current bridge was built between 1894 and 1896 by Blyth and Westland.[1] The bridge is Category A listed.[1]


Video of Waverley Bridge, Edinburgh (May 2018)

Situated at the east end of Princes Street Gardens, Waverley Bridge is one of three parallel roads crossing the former Nor Loch valley and linking Edinburgh's historic Old and New towns. To the west of Waverley Bridge lies The Mound, which links Princes Street in the New Town with the western end of Market Street in the Old Town. To the east, running above the Waverley Station roof, is North Bridge, which links the east end of Princes Street with the High Street and South Bridge.

Waverley Station roof and Waverley Bridge. The two ramps lead from the bridge into the station.

Dating from the mid-1890s, North Bridge forms part of the roof over the western end of Waverley Station, with a majority of the station being situated below and to the east of the bridge. Two ramps lead down from Waverley bridge into the centre of the station. Since January 2014 car and taxi access to the station has been banned, with the ramps now largely dedicated to foot traffic and delivery access.[2]

Halfway across the bridge, on the Eastern side, is the station's Category A listed former parcels office.[1] The structure was converted into a restaurant in the 1980s and is now in operation as a pub.[3] At northwest corner of the bridge, at the junction with Princes Street, is the Waverley Mall shopping centre. There is a Transport for Edinburgh Travelshop at the south end of the bridge, at the corner with Market Street and Cockburn Street, which runs up to the Royal Mile.


Lothian Buses' Airlink 100 service to Edinburgh Airport begins and terminates at stop WA on Waverley Bridge. Edinburgh Bus Tour routes call at stop WB on the bridge.[4]

Waverley Bridge, from the junction with Market Street and Cockburn Street, in 1992.


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