Waverley Rugby Club

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Waverley Rugby Club
Waverley Rugby Club logo.jpg
UnionAustralian Rugby Union
LocationBondi, Australia
RegionNew South Wales
Ground(s)Waverley Oval
League(s)1st Division
New South Wales Suburban Rugby Union
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The Waverley Rugby Union Club (Waverley RF&SC) is a club in the New South Wales Suburban Rugby Union, the largest rugby union football competition in New South Wales. The club is based in Bondi in the eastern suburbs of Sydney.

Waverley has a proud history in the New South Wales Suburban Rugby Union competition having won numerous Grade and Division championships. Waverley has won the 1st Division Championship 4 times (in three of which won the 1st Grade title too), 2nd Division 3 time and 3rd Division once since foundation. Alongside its men's teams, Waverley Rugby has fielded a women's team since 2002.

Club information[edit]

Waverley Oval
Club Name: Waverley Rugby Football &Sporting Club Incorporated
Founded: 1971
Home stadium: Waverley Oval, Bondi Road
President: Ted Shelton
1st Grade Coach: Craig Morrison
Club Captain: Karl Roche
Uniform colours: Royal Blue and Gold

Club History[edit]

The club was founded in 1971

  • 2016 2nd Division "Club of the Year"
  • 2015 3rd Division "Club of the Year"
  • 1988 1st Division "Most Social" & "Best Host"
  • 1987 1st Division "Most Social" & "Best Host"
  • 1986 2nd Division "Most Social", "Best Host" & "Best Administered"
  • 1985 2nd Division "Most Social" & "Best Host"
  • 1984 1st Division "Most Social" & "Best Host"



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