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Waverley West is a suburb in southwest Winnipeg, Manitoba. It was approved by the government of Manitoba in 2005, and is scheduled to be constructed over a twenty-year period.

With a projected population of 40 000,[1] the suburb, were it to be a separate city, would be the third-largest city in the province. Waverley West has seven future neighbourhoods. The first neighbourhoods under construction were Bridgwater Lakes and Bridgwater Centre, while Bridgwater Forest and South Pointe are nearing completion. Due to the unexpected population growth in Winnipeg during the last decade, Waverley West is now expected to be completed by 2020, at the latest.


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Coordinates: 49°47′17″N 97°11′28″W / 49.788°N 97.191°W / 49.788; -97.191