Wavertree Windmill

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Coordinates: 53°23′37″N 2°54′45″W / 53.3935°N 2.9125°W / 53.3935; -2.9125

The mill in 1905

First recorded in 1452, the Wavertree windmill was one of only four 'King's Mills' in Liverpool, England. Located behind present-day 35 and 37 Beverly Road (L15), for nearly 200 years it was the property of the crown, until in 1639 Charles I granted it to Lord Strange, a son of Lord Derby. By the 18th century the ownership of the mill had passed to Bamber Gascoyne, tenant of Childwall Hall. It then passed to the Marquess of Salisbury and finally was leased by Colonel James Bourne of Heathfield. The mill was wrecked in a storm in 1898. It was demolished in 1916.


Source: Discovering Historic Wavertree by Mike Chitty. Published by The Wavertree Society 1999.