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A male displaying a traditional "wave" hairstyle.

360 Waves (often shortened to waves) is a hairstyle, generally worn by men. The hair is cropped short to the head in the styling of a Caesar cut. Afterwards, brushing techniques are applied to produce an effect reminiscent of "oceanic waves".

Frequent and repeated brushing (along with adequate moisturizing) is the only way to maintain the style. The "360 Waves" are the result of curls of hair that unfurl, allowing natural "rows" of roots to be exposed. As the hair lengthens in a process called "wolfing" (refraining from getting a haircut as long as possible while constantly brushing one's hair), the wearer can achieve "deeper" and more defined waves by allowing the hair to grow out, usually for 4 to 10 weeks. Then, after a haircut, the "waves" may come out deeper depending on the time spent "wolfing" and the type of haircut chosen.

When you get the brush, brush the top of your head, then brush straight down brush your sides diagonal, and the back straight down. Then, you should put on your do rag. You repeat this process. While getting waves, you need to wolf or grow your hair out for 4 to 10 weeks before cutting again.

Waves may be maintained by daily brushing, application of pomades, weekly washing and conditioning, and wearing a do-rag.[1] The waves become more pronounced with more intensive brushing.

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