Way Down Yonder

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Way Down Yonder
Studio album by Charlie Daniels
Released 1974[1]
1977 (re-release)[2]
Genre Outlaw country, country rock, Southern rock, hard rock, blues rock
Length 37:04
Label Kama Sutra[3]
Epic (re-release)[4]
Producer Charlie Daniels
Charlie Daniels chronology
Honey in the Rock
Way Down Yonder
Fire on the Mountain

Way Down Yonder is the fourth studio album by country artist Charlie Daniels, originally released in 1974 as a studio album courtesy of Kama Sutra Records. It was re-released in 1977 under the name Whiskey, courtesy of Epic Records. All the songs on this album are written by Charlie Daniels.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "I've Been Down" 3:37
  2. "Give This Fool Another Try" 8:07
  3. "Low Down Lady" 4:10
  4. "Land of Opportunity" 3:02
  5. "Way Down Yonder" 3:36
  6. "Whiskey" 5:40
  7. "I'll Always Remember That Song" 4:24
  8. "Looking for My Mary Jane" 4:28


  • Charlie Daniels - Audio production, composer, guitar, vocals
  • Joel "Taz" DiGregorio - Keyboards, vocals
  • Fred Edwards - Drums
  • Billy Cox - Bass
  • Mark Fitzgerald - Bass, vocals
  • Gary Allen - Drums
  • Lea Jane Berinati - Vocals
  • Barry Baines - Guitar, vocals
  • Buddy Davis - Drums


Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 2.5/5 stars[5]

Whiskey received two and a half stars out of five from Jim Worbois of Allmusic. He concludes that "a whole album of Daniels's brand of Southern boogie may be a bit much for the average listener but fans will eat it up. This isn't a bad record to listen to but there isn't anything here to recommend either."


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