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Wayland may refer to:


United Kingdom[edit]

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Given name[edit]


  • Francis Wayland (1796–1865), American Baptist educationist and former president of Brown University
  • John Wayland (1849–1890), President of the Chico Board of Trustees, the governing body of Chico, California from 1889 to 1890
  • Julius Wayland (1854–1912), US socialist
  • Susan Wayland (born 1980), German fashion model who features in adult photography
  • Tom Wayland (born 1974), American voice actor
  • April Halprin Wayland (born 1954), American children's and young adult author, poet, and teacher
  • Hank Wayland (1906–1983), American swing jazz double-bassist
  • Newton Wayland (1940–2013), American orchestral conductor, arranger, composer and keyboardist
  • William Wayland (1869–1950), English Conservative Party politician

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