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Waymouth Street, looking east from Bentham Street towards King William Street.

Waymouth Street is an east-west street running between West Terrace and King William Street in the centre of Adelaide, the capital city of South Australia.[1][2] The street is named after Henry Waymouth, a founding director of the South Australian Company. Until 1863 it was almost invariably spelled "Weymouth"; the eponymous director was then given either spelling interchangeably.

Eastern Section[edit]

The section of Waymouth Street from King William Street to Light Square is lined by commercial office buildings with many restaurants and cafes at ground level. It is the location of the headquarters of ANZ, the Australian Taxation Office, Community CPS Australia, Ernst & Young, News Limited and WorkCover in South Australia. At the intersection with King William, there is a pedestrian scramble crossing and a Glenelg Tram stop named after Pirie Street, which starts here and runs to the east.

Central Section[edit]

Waymouth Street forms the southern boundary of Light Square, an open grassy park in the centre of the north-west quadrant of the city centre. This section of Waymouth Street is one-way traffic to the west; east-bound traffic must detour around the square. Traffic signals control the intersection with Morphett Street where it divides to go around the square. A few bars, nightclubs and restaurants are located on the southern side of Waymouth Street, and around Light Square.

Part of the Adelaide city centre at night, May 2013. Looking east from Bentham Street with Waymouth Street visible on the left.

Western Section[edit]

The section from Light Square to West Terrace has lower scale retail and residential buildings, including several hotels, hostels, car and furniture dealerships. Across from the intersection with West Terrace is a service road for Adelaide High School and an entrance point to shared pedestrian and bicycle tracks in the western parklands.

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