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Wayne's Coffee
Industry Restaurants
Founded Stockholm, Sweden
Headquarters Stockholm, Sweden
Website www.waynescoffee.com
Wayne's Coffee

Wayne's Coffee is a Swedish-based coffeehouse chain founded in Stockholm at Kungsgatan in 1994. The chain grew with locations in several Scandinavian countries as well as further out into the Baltic region , Saudi Arabia and United Kingdom.

Wayne’s Coffee opened its first coffee shop in Stockholm in 1994. With unique design and music concept, Wayne's Coffee set the standard for the modern European urban coffee concept. Nowadays, Wayne’s Coffee is one of Scandinavia’s leading coffee shop chain with around 40,000 guests served every day. Today, Wayne’s Coffee operates over 140 coffee shops around the world.

The idea for Wayne’s Coffee was born from the dream of setting up a new type of meeting place, a homely urban environment to sit down and enjoy conversation, good beverages and something to eat. A meeting place with its roots in the Swedish “fika” tradition, an almost cultural institution involving taking a break in a workaday life and relaxing in the company of others. Combined with the Italian coffee culture and influenced by the Swedish pastry tradition, it all came together in the vision of Wayne’s Coffee.

The concept were received incredibly well, and since then, Wayne’s Coffee has become Scandinavia’s leading coffee shop chain. New shops are constantly opening in more places, more cities, more towns and more countries, and now in United Kingdom.


Wayne's Coffee has coffeehouses in the following European countries:

Finland's Restamax owns the Finnish rights.

Wayne's Coffee opened its first coffeehouse in Nicosia, Cyprus, in March 2012.


The company also opened a second coffeehouse in Saudi Arabia at the Panorama Mall in Riyadh.[1] The opening event was hosted by the Swedish ambassador to Saudi Arabia, Jan Thesleff. He commented, "Saudi Arabia is the biggest market in the region" with the franchise market expected to grow by 27% per annum.[1]

Wayne's Coffee have currently seven coffee-shops in Saudi Arabia (2015-09-30).

United Kingdom

The company extending their business into the United Kingdom and the first shop opening in London, in December 2017. The first shop location was chosen Kensington as this area is well known for people who are looking for Organic Coffee Shops and foods. Just walking distance from Whole Foods Market you can find a fresh juice bar, Organic Coffee including Coconut Latte, Beetroot Latte, Macha Latte and Fresh Organic Food in store.

Website: www.waynescoffee.co.uk

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