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Wayne Fenton (March 24, 1953 – September 3, 2006)[1] was an American psychiatrist, well known for his academic contributions to the study of schizophrenia including key contributions to the classification of subtypes.[2][3]

In 2006 he was killed at his office in Bethesda, Maryland, by a 19-year-old patient.[4][5]

Professional career[edit]

Dr Fenton obtained his medical qualification from George Washington University School of Medicine in 1979 and psychiatric qualification from Yale[6] and was a staff member at Chestnut Lodge for more than 15 years.[7]

He worked for the National Institute of Mental Health as researcher and academic, writing a chapter on therapy for schizophrenia in a leading psychiatry textbook[8] and had a significant impact on his clinical profession.[9][10]


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