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Wayne Joshua Miller (born January 10, 1976) is an American poet, editor, translator, and professor.

Life and career[edit]

Born in Cincinnati, Ohio, Miller earned a BA from Oberlin College and an MFA from the University of Houston.[1] For twelve years he taught at the University of Central Missouri, where he was an editor of the literary journal Pleiades.[2] Since 2014 he has taught at the University of Colorado Denver, where he serves as editor/managing editor of Copper Nickel.[3] With Kevin Prufer, he also co-curates the Unsung Masters Series.[4]

Publications and critical reception[edit]

Miller's poems have appeared in numerous periodicals—including Boulevard, Crazyhorse, Field, The Paris Review, Ploughshares, Poetry, The Southern Review, and The Washington Post—and he has published four full-length poetry collections. His first collection, Only the Senses Sleep, published by New Issues Poetry & Prose in 2006, won the 2007 William Rockhill Nelson Award in Poetry and was named a Kansas City Star "noteworthy" book of 2006.[5] Publishers Weekly called the book a "mature debut."[6] Miller's next three collections were published by Milkweed Editions. The Book of Props, published in 2009, was described by The New Yorker as "mak[ing] a vast impact using the smallest stroke" [7] and was named a best poetry book of the year by Coldfront Magazine [8] and the Kansas City Star. The City, Our City, published in 2011, was a finalist for the 2012 William Carlos Williams Award from the Poetry Society of America.[9] In a review of The City, Our City, Notre Dame Review called Miller "among the best poets in the USA";[10] Micah Bateman in The Kenyon Review, described the poems as "fierce lyrical investigations."[11] Post-, published in 2016, won the 2017 Colorado Book Award[12] and the 2017 Rilke Prize [13] given to the best U.S. book of the year by a "mid-career poet." Phillip Garland, writing in Colorado Review, called Miller a "singular figure in American poetry," [14] and Donna Seaman, writing in Booklist, described Post- as "witty and solemn, stoic and nimble."[15] In Tupelo Quarterly, Sean Singer called Post- "a fascinating and wonderful book" and "a work of serious craft."[16]

Miller has co-translated two books by the Albanian poet Moikom Zeqo, whom Miller met when he was a junior in college.[17] I Don't Believe in Ghosts was published in 2007 by BOA Editions. In 2015, Zephyr Press published Zodiac, which was a finalist for the PEN Center USA Award in Translation.[18]

Miller has co-edited three books: New European Poets (with Kevin Prufer), published by Graywolf Press; Tamura Ryuichi: On the Life & Work of a 20th Century Master (with Takako Lento), published through the Unsung Masters Series; and Literary Publishing in the Twenty-First Century (with Travis Kurowski and Kevin Prufer), published by Milkweed Editions.

Honors and awards[edit]

Miller received a 2000 Ruth Lilly Fellowship from the Poetry Foundation[19] and, in 2001, the Bess Hokin Prize from Poetry Magazine.[20] He has won the George Bogin Memorial Award, the Lyric Poetry Award, and, four times, the Lucille Medwick Memorial Award from the Poetry Society of America.[21] In 2013, he received a Fulbright to Queen's University Belfast.[22]

Published works[edit]

Poetry collections[edit]

Post-. Milkweed Editions, 2016. ISBN 978-1571314703

The City, Our City. Milkweed Editions, 2011. ISBN 978-1571314451

The Book of Props. Milkweed Editions, 2009. ISBN 978-1571314352

Only the Senses Sleep. New Issues, 2006. ISBN 978-1930974654

Co-translated poetry collections[edit]

Zodiac. By Moikom Zeqo, trans. Anastas Kapurani and Wayne Miller. Zephyr Press, 2015. ISBN 978-1938890109

I Don't Believe in Ghosts. By Moikom Zeqo, trans. Wayne Miller et al. BOA Editions, 2007. ISBN 978-1934414019

Co-edited books[edit]

Literary Publishing in the Twenty-First Century. With Travis Kurowski & Kevin Prufer. Milkweed Editions, 2016. ISBN 978-1571313546

Tamura Ryuichi: On the Life & Work of a 20th Century Master. With Takako Lento. Pleiades Press, 2011. ISBN 978-0964145429

New European Poets. With Kevin Prufer. Graywolf Press, 2008. ISBN 978-1555974923


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