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Father Goose Music
Father Goose & Litter Goose.jpg
Father Goose and his son Little Goose
Background information
Birth name Wayne Rhoden
Born July 12
Origin Pleasant Farm, St. Catherine, Jamaica
Genres Family Music, Children’s Music, Kindie rock, Reggae
Producer, Songwriter, Artist
Vocals, Turntables
Years active 1982 – present
Website goosehut.com

Wayne Rhoden is a music producer, singer and songwriter who is professionally known as the artist Father Goose Music, and is a Grammy-winner with “Dan Zanes and Friends” and is also known as Rankin Don and Don Chibaka.


Wayne Rhoden (Music), known professionally as Father Goose, is a Jamaican-born producer, singer, songwriter.[1][2][3]

He made a name for himself in the underground circuit in Jamaica and on the streets of Brooklyn, New York under the personas of Rankin Don[4] and Don Chibaka. As Father Goose[5] he performs children’s music, Kindie rock, and reggae-fied nursery rhymes, often in the “Dan Zanes and Friends” ensemble, including in a series of Disney videos entitled “House Party Time.”

Early life[edit]

Wayne Rhoden was born in Jamaica to Joyce and James Rhoden and grew up in Brooklyn, New York. Like many musical artists, his debut performance occurred at a young age. He recalls that his first singing performance happened at the age of five, using his family and friends as his audience. On subsequent occasions he would serve as DJ for parties thrown by his parents.[6] Later he performed in a PTA-hosted Ash Wednesday fundraising fair at his Ewarton grade school.

He attended Erasmus High School in Brooklyn, New York, then went on to pursue a career in electrical engineering. But as fate would have it, he was drawn to his first love, music.

Musical career[edit]

In the 1980s as Rankin Don he recorded the hits Can’t Find Me Love and Baddest DJ and in the 90s the Real McCoy, Black Queen, and Green Card. He was later introduced to producers who urged him to record for the mainstream labels. He has performed at concerts with some of reggae’s well-known artists including, Gregory Isaacs, Andre, Sleepy Worder, Lloyd D Stiff, and Blacka Ranks; Grammy nominees Beres Hammond and Freddie McGregor; and past Grammy winners Shabba Ranks, Shaggy, and Beenie Man.

His relationship with musician Dan Zanes was initiated by his mother, who while working for Zanes, suggested that he should meet her son and check out his talent.[7]

In the 2000s as Father Goose he was featured on several Dan Zanes albums such as Rocket Ship Beach and Catch That Train! and also released three of his own albums: Color with Father Goose, It’s a Bam Bam Diddly,[8] and Bashment Time.

In 2008 as Don Chibaka he gave his performance on the Etcetera single Dance Like That (Remix) featuring Richie Stephens and Kevin Lyttle.

Personal life[edit]

Father Goose on life support

Rhoden is the father of two. He lives in Brooklyn with his wife and his son (Little Goose) who also sings and performs in his father’s band.

In 2007, Rhoden discovered he had kidney failure. He received a kidney in December 2015 after eight years on dialysis, twice on life support and other complications. The kidney transplant was successful: he has made a full recovery and is currently still performing and hosting music workshops for children.

Celebrate Brooklyn, a Lead Belly Project, 2016


Rankin Don[edit]

  • 1989 One In A Million feat: Jerry Chapter
  • 1990 Can’t Find Mi Love feat: King Ledgi
  • 1990 Whip Appeal feat: King Ledgi
  • 1992 Baddest DJ
  • 1994 Black Queen feat: Singing Singing
  • 1996 Real McCoy
  • 1996 The Big Race feat: Shelene Thomas, Round Head, Screechy Dan, General B, Baja Jedd
  • 1997 Green Card feat: Mad Tempa
  • 2004 More To Me feat: 'Coolie Ranx'
  • 2004 You Are My Girl
  • 2004 Big O feat: King Ledgi
  • 2004 She She Remix feat: Little Lenny, Ricky 10
  • 2004 Push Up On Me feat: Snypah
  • 2004 Chance Remix feat: Fyona Sanderson
  • 2004 It ain't over feat: Mad Lion
  • 2004 Give me one more chance feat: Wayne Smith, King Ledgi
  • 2013 You're My Girl
  • 2013 You Mate
  • 2013 Marlena
  • 2013 Praise to Jah
  • 2014 God & Me

Don Chibaka[edit]

  • 2008 Dance Like That (Remix) feat: Etcetera, Richie Stephens, Kevin Lyttle

Father Goose Music[edit]

  • 2000 Rocket Ship Beach
  • 2001 Family Dance
  • 2002 Night Time!
  • 2003 House Party (Grammy nominated, for Best Children’s Album)
  • 2003 Color with Father Goose
  • 2005 All Around the Kitchen!
  • 2006 Catch That Train! (Grammy Award Winning Album)
  • 2007 It’s a Bam Bam Diddly [9](Parents' Choice Award Winning Album and also nominated for, Independent Music Award for Best Children’s Album also Grammy Ballot, for Best Children’s Album)
  • 2008 The Welcome Table
  • 2009 76 Trombones
  • 2011 Little Nut Tree
  • 2013 Swing Low "Bear Hunt!"
  • 2013 I love U "Bear Hunt!"
  • 2014 Get Loose and Get Together!: The Best of Dan Zanes
  • 2014 Bashment Time
  • 2015 I Love u (JZ Remix) "Rocksteady"
  • 2016 Dance to the Reggae Rhythm, Aaron Nigel Smith album "One"
  • 2016 Father Goose 7
  • 2016 Irie Christmas feat. Dan Zanes, Sonia De Los Santos, Kate Ferber & Danger D.
  • 2017 Father Goose Music "Friday" feat. Little Goose, Elena Moon Park, Yami Bolo, Itimo
  • 2017 Father Goose Music "Friday Da Remix"
  • 2017 Father Goose Music "In The Mirror"
  • 2017 Father Goose Music "I Wanna Love U" Featuring Josh and the Jamtones, Aaron Nigel Smith, Little Goose, Itimo
  • 2017 Dan Zanes Lead Belly Baby "Polly Wee" also feat. Little Goose (Independent Music Award winner for Best Children’s Album)
  • 2018 Father Goose Music "I Have A Dream" feat. Itimo
  • 2018 Free Bubbles by Mista Cookie Jar
  • 2018 King Of The Dance Party

Awards and nominations[edit]


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