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Wayne Schoenfeld, photographer
Wayne Schoenfeld, photographer

Wayne Schoenfeld (born September 12, 1948 in Los Angeles, United States) is an American photographer best known for his coverage of global humanitarian projects, as well as his art photography.


Wayne Schoenfeld is an award winning[1] documentary and fine art photographer. He is the director and executive producer of a number of documentary films.[2]

About Schoenfeld’s fine art photography Chun-Sun Jin said “Schoenfeld takes pictures rather than photographs, his carefully orchestrated images appear, at a glance, like classic paintings”.[3]

In 2011, Schoenfeld's self-styled and staged circus imagery, "Icons/Iconoclasts", have been exhibited in Cirque de Demain (Paris, January 27–30, 2011)[4] and Tohu City of Circus (Montreal, February 15-April 17, 2011).[5] His fine art photography has been exhibited throughout North America, Asia and Europe and is in the permanent collections of the Santa Barbara County Arts Commission,[6] Complesso del Vittoriano,[7] National Museum of Contemporary Art (Seoul), and Cirque du Soleil Montreal.[8] His work has appeared in a number of publications including Los Angeles Daily,[9] Harpers Bazaar,[10] American Photo,[11] and Design.,[12]

Since 2003, fifteen of Schoenfeld's monograph books of photography have been published; Brittle Glory: The Face of Change, a collection of portraits taken in the Cuban countryside and the Kurdish territories in Southeastern Turkey, Surface Tension, a selection of portraits and impressions of the female form, Through The Eyes Of Man, a photographic interpretation of biblical lore, There Are No Answers, If The Questions Aren't Asked, Almost Perfect, Mission To India and Through This World But Once. Two gallery portfolio books, in French and English versions, "Masques et Mystèresé" and "Masques et Mystères: Revisité" have been assembled by Great Circle Books and A&I Books.

Through his production company, New Democracy Productions, Schoenfeld is the executive producer and director of a growing number of documentary films including, "The Memory Box", an Official Selection of the Boston, Montreal, Columbus and Addis Ababa International Film Festivals and the award winning short subjects "In the Shadow of Shangri-La", filmed in Nepal and "Everyday is a Gift",[13] filmed in South Africa.[13] His latest project "Liberia: Emerging From the Shadows?" launched in September 2014 already received the Best Documentary Feature Award at Los Angeles Cinema Festival of Hollywood.[14] This feature documentary provides a glimpse into the daily struggles and triumphs of the Liberian people, following decades of civil war, a complete breakdown of basic services, infrastructure and political turmoil.

He is a member of the Photographic Arts Council of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art and the Santa Barbara Museum of Art.[15]


Trained as a psychologist,[16][17] in 1973, Schoenfeld was the co-founder and Director of the Los Angeles Guidance and Counseling Service; by 1978 the tax-exempt non-profit LAGCS was one of the largest providers of outpatient mental health services in the state of California.

1979-1995 CEO and Chairman of Air L.A. Inc.,[18][19] the first airline in the United States[20] to fly under an international code sharing partnership. In 1994 the airline expanded after a successful NASDAQ public offering.[21]

1996-2002 - CEO and Chairman of Real Image Digital,[22] a motion picture technology[23] partnership with the Sarnoff Research Center. In 2002 RID was sold to Technicolor.[24]

2003-Current - Chairman of the Board of Directors, Great Circle Books. GCB was organized to publish works of social and humanitarian consequence. The funds raised through the sale of books are designated to support a number of charities and humanitarian projects.[25]

Schoenfeld is a successful businessman,[26] an award winning photographer and a publisher. He contributes to humanitarian work[27] around the world, has published two books documenting the work of Rotaplast International, including the "Most Life Changing" Book of 2004 by the Independent Publisher Book Award, Almost Perfect. His work is well known in galleries and museums around the world where the proceeds from his art are donated to children's projects and humanitarian efforts.[28][29][30][31]

Schoenfeld continues to document in photographic images and motion pictures the work of great charitable and volunteer efforts around the world.


  • February 2004 - BGH Gallery - The Miss Liberty Series, Los Angeles[citation needed]
  • September 2004 - Photo District Gallery - Vanity – The series, New York[citation needed]
  • December 2005 - Korean National Museum of Contemporary Art Purchases Schoenfeld Images[32]
  • April 2006 - Gora Gallery - Circus of Life, Montréal[citation needed]
  • April 2006 - Rape of the Sabine Women and Vanity, Beverly Hills [33]
  • June 2006 - Circus of Life, Los Angeles[citation needed]
  • October 2006 - Los Angeles County Museum of Art - Photographic Arts Council[citation needed]
  • March 2007 - EYE to I Gallery - Exhibition and Book signing- Through This World But Once, Los Angeles [34]
  • October 2007 - Cirque du Soleil – Icons/Iconoclasts (Private Exhibition - Invited Guests Only)[citation needed]
  • December 2007 - Hollywood Gallery Book Signing and Exhibition- Icons/Iconoclasts, A&I [35]
  • March 2008 - D'Un Œil Différent – Collective exhibition[citation needed]
  • April 2008 - ONF (Montréal) – Through This World But Once[citation needed]
  • September 2008 - 400th Anniversary of Québec - Through This World But Once
  • November 2008 - Society of Art and Technology (SAT) (Montréal) - Through This World But Once[citation needed]
  • February 2009 - All Nighter 2009 – Art Souterrain / Palais des Congrès (Montréal) - Icons/Iconoclasts[36]
  • March 2009 - Project Blue – Benefit to Help a Life Foundation (Los Angeles) - Through This World But Once[citation needed][37]
  • April 2009 - Complesso del Vittoriano (Rome) – Rape of the Sabine Women [7]
  • April 2009 - Department of Cultural Affairs, Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery (Los Angeles)[citation needed][38]
  • May 2009 - Galerie SAS (Montréal) - Icons/Iconoclasts [29]
  • August 2009 - Espace Cultural Ample (Barcelona) - Collective exhibition Vanity[citation needed][39]
  • December 2010 - L'Enfant Plaza Gallery (Washington, DC) - Footprints in the Sand [40]
  • January 2011 - Cirque de Demain (Paris) - Icons/Iconoclasts[4]
  • February 2011 - Tohu City of Circus, (Montreal) - Icons/Iconoclasts [41]
  • March - October 2011 - Illusion and Circus Museum(France) - Icons/Iconoclasts[4]
  • November - February 2012 - WINTERFEST Circus Festival(Salzburg - Austria) - Icons/Iconoclasts


  • 2001 : Brittle Glory: The Face of Change. Los Angeles: SWC Editions. ISBN 0-9713154-0-X. A collection of intimate portraits taken in the Cuban countryside and the Kurdish territories in Southeastern Turkey.
  • 2001 : Surface Tension. Los Angeles: SWC Editions. ISBN 0-9713154-1-8. A selection of portraits and impressions of the female form.
  • 2002 : Through the Eyes of Man. Los Angeles: SWC Editions. ISBN 0972769609. A photographic interpretation of biblical lore.
  • 2003 : Almost Perfect. Los Angeles: SWC Editions. ISBN 0-9727696-3-3.
  • 2004 : "Mission to India", American Photo magazine, November/December 2004, pp 12–13. Studio City, CA: SWC Editions / Great Circle Books. ISBN 0-9727696-6-8.
  • 2005 : There Are No Answers, If the Questions Aren't Asked. ISBN 0-9727696-8-4. In English and Korean.
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  • 2010 : Masques et Mystères. Great Circle Books. Hardcover. French/English
  • 2010 : Masques et Mystères: Revisité. Great Circle Books. Hardcover. French/English
  • 2011 : Icons/Iconoclasts: The Circus Comes to Town Special 2011 edition for Princesse Stephanie of Monaco. Great Circle Books.Hardcover. French/English
  • 2011 : Intersections in the Land of Eternal Spring. Great Circle Books.Hardcover. English
  • 2013 : The Unblinking Lens: volume 1. Great Circle Books.Hardcover. English
  • 2013 : The Unblinking Lens: volume 2. Great Circle Books.Hardcover. English
  • 2014 : Liberia: Emerging From the Shadows. New Democracy Productions.Hardcover. English


  • 2014 : "Liberia: Emerging From the Shadows?"
  • 2011 : "Mujeres"
  • 2011 : "Intersections in the Land of Eternal Spring"
  • 2010 : "Everyday is a Gift" (in post-production)
  • 2010 : "In The Shadow of Shangri-La", Award of Excellence and Award of Merit in 2011.
  • 2009 : "The Memory Box", Award of Excellence in 2012, 2011 and 2009, Honourable Mention en 2009.

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