Wayne Snyder

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Wayne Snyder
ResidenceRich Hall
ChildrenJohn Henry, Matthew
Scientific career
ThesisComplete Sets of Transformations for General Unification (1988)
Doctoral advisorJean Henri Gallier

Wayne Snyder is an associate professor at Boston University known for his work in E-unification theory.

He was raised in Yardley, Pennsylvania, worked in his father's aircraft shop, attended the Berklee School of Music, and obtained an MA in Augustan poetry at Tufts University. He then studied computer science, and earned his Ph.D. at the University of Pennsylvania in 1988. In 1987 he came to Boston University, teaching introductory computer science, and researching on automated reasoning, and, more particularly, E-unification. [1]

Selected publications[edit]

  • Gallier, J.H. & Snyder, W. (1987). "A General Complete E-Unification Procedure". In Lescanne, Pierre (ed.). Rewriting Techniques and Applications, 2nd Int. Conf., RTA-87. LNCS. 256. Springer. pp. 216–227.
  • Jean H. Gallier & Wayne Snyder (1989). "Complete Sets of Transformations for General E-Unification". Theoretical Computer Science. 67 (2–3): 203–260. doi:10.1016/0304-3975(89)90004-2.
  • Snyder, W. (1989). "Efficient Ground Completion: An O(n log n) Algorithm for Generating Reduced Sets of Ground Rewrite Rules Equivalent to a Set of Ground Equations E". In Nachum Dershowitz (ed.). Rewriting Techniques and Applications, 3rd Int. Conf., RTA-89. LNCS. 355. Springer. pp. 419–433.
  • Wayne Snyder (Jul 1990). "Higher order E-unification". Proc. 10th Conference on Automated Deduction. LNAI. 449. Springer. pp. 573–587.
  • Jean H. Gallier and Paliath Narendran and David A. Plaisted and Wayne Snyder (1990). "Rigid E-Unification: NP-Completeness and Applications to Equational Matings". Inf. Comput. 87 (1/2): 129–195. doi:10.1016/0890-5401(90)90061-l.
  • Snyder, W. & Lynch, C. (1991). "Goal Directed Strategies for Paramodulation". In Ronald V. Book (ed.). Rewriting Techniques and Applications, 4th Int. Conf., RTA-91. LNCS. 488. Springer. pp. 150–161.
  • Lynch, C. & Snyder, W. (1993). "Redundancy Criteria for Constrained Completion". In Kirchner, Claude (ed.). Rewriting Techniques and Applications, 5th Int. Conf., RTA-93. LNCS. 690. Springer. pp. 2–16.
  • Jean H. Gallier and Paliath Narendran and David A. Plaisted and Stan Raatz and Wayne Snyder (1993). "An Algorithm for Finding Canonical Sets of Ground Rewrite Rules in Polynomial Time" (PDF). J. ACM. 40 (1): 1–16. doi:10.1145/138027.138032.
  • Franz Baader and Wayne Snyder (2001). "Unification Theory" (PDF). In Alan Robinson and Andrei Voronkov (ed.). Handbook of Automated Reasoning. MIT Press + Elsevier. pp. 439–526.


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