College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, Wayne State University

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Wayne State University College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Type Public
Dean Wayne M. Raskind
Students 13,700+
Location Detroit, MI, USA
Website WSU CLAS Website

The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (CLAS)[1] of Wayne State University was formed in 2004 with the merger of the College of Liberal Arts and the College of Science. CLAS has a number of distinctions as the result of the merger, including being the provider of:

  • The majority of the total undergraduate credit hours in the university
  • The core learning experience throughout the university
  • The requisite math and science for pre-professional undergraduates
  • Strong graduate education at master’s and Ph.D. levels
  • Nearly half of the Ph.D. degrees awarded in the university
  • Approximately $20 million per year in external grants and contracts
  • Several nationally ranked departments (National Science Foundation and/or National Research Council rankings)

The 2009 fall enrollment in the CLAS is 13,746 students. Total enrollment includes 9,049 full-time and 4,697 part-time students.[2]

The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences offers majors, minors, and co-majors in 20 departments. It provides over 40 challenging undergraduate programs and nearly 60 graduate programs, with caring teachers using outstanding technologies and facilities.[3][4]


  • African American Studies
  • Anthropology
  • Biological Sciences
  • Chemistry
  • Classical and Modern Languages, Literatures, and Cultures
  • Communication Sciences & Disorders
  • Criminal Justice
  • Economics
  • English
  • Geology and Environmental Science
  • History
  • Mathematics
  • Nutrition & Food Science
  • Philosophy
  • Physics and Astronomy
  • Political Science
  • Psychology
  • Sociology
  • Urban Studies & Planning

Undergraduate Programs[edit]

  • African American Studies (B.A.)
  • Anthropology (B.A.)
  • Asian Studies (B.A.) (Chinese, Japanese)
  • Astronomy (B.A.)
  • Biochemistry and Chemical Biology (B.S.)
  • Biological Sciences (B.A. and B.S.)
  • Biomedical Physics (B.S.)
  • Chemistry (B.A. and B.S.)
  • Chicano-Boricua Studies (Co-Major)
  • Classics (B.A.) (Classics, Greek, Latin)
  • Communication Sciences and Disorders (B.A.)
  • Computer Science (B.A.)
  • Criminal Justice (B.S.)
  • Dietetics (B.S. and Post-Bachelor Certificate)
  • Economics (B.A.)
  • English (B.A.)
  • Environmental Science Program (B.S.)
  • Gender, Sexuality and Women's Studies (B.A.)
  • Geology (B.A. and B.S.)
  • German (B.A.)
  • German and Mechanical Engineering (Joint B.A./B.S.)
  • Global Studies (B.A)
  • History (B.A.)
  • Information Systems Technology (B.A.)
  • Labor Studies (B.A.)
  • Linguistics (B.A.)
  • Mathematics (B.A. and B.S.)
  • Mathematical Economics (B.A.)
  • Near Eastern Languages (B.A.) (Arabic and Hebrew)
  • Near Eastern Studies (B.A.)
  • Nutrition and Food Science (B.A. and B.S.)
  • Peace and Conflict Studies (Co-Major)
  • Philosophy (B.A.)
  • Physics (B.A. and B.S.)
  • Political Science (B.A.)
  • Public Health (B.S.)
  • Psychology (B.A. and B.S.)
  • Public Affairs (B.P.A.)
  • Romance Languages (B.A.) (French, Italian, Spanish)
  • Slavic Studies (B.A.) (Polish and Russian)
  • Sociology (B.A.)
  • Urban Studies (B.A.)

Graduate Programs[edit]

  • Anthropology (M.A. and Ph.D.)
  • Archival Administration (Graduate Certificate)
  • Audiology (Aud.D.)
  • Biological Sciences (M.A., M.S. and Ph.D.)
  • Chemistry (Ph.D.)
  • Classics (M.A.) (Ancient Studies, Greek & Latin, Latin)
  • Communication Sciences and Disorders (Ph.D.)
  • Criminal Justice (M.S.)
  • Economic Development (Graduate Certificate)
  • Economics (M.A.) (Ph.D.) (Joint M.A./Juris Doctor)
  • Employment and Labor Relations (M.A.)
  • English (M.A. and Ph.D.)
  • Geology (M.S.)
  • German (M.A.)
  • History (M.A.) (Ph.D.)
  • History and Law (Joint M.A./J.D.)
  • History and Education (Joint M.A./M.Ed.)
  • History and Library Science (Joint M.A./M.L.I.S.)
  • World History (Graduate Certificate)
  • Industrial and Organizational Psychology (M.A.) (Ph.D.)
  • Language Learning (M.A.) (Arabic, French, German, Italian, Latin, Spanish)
  • Languages, Modern (Ph.D.) (French, German, Spanish)
  • Linguistics (M.A.)
  • Mathematics (M.A., Applied M.A., and Ph.D.)
  • Molecular Biotechnology (M.S.)
  • Near Eastern Languages (M.A.) (Arabic and Hebrew)
  • Nutrition and Food Science (M.A., M.S. and Ph.D.)
  • Peace and Security Studies (Graduate Certificate)
  • Philosophy (M.A. and Ph.D.)
  • Physics (M.A., M.S., and Ph.D.)
  • Political Science (M.A., Joint M.A./J.D., and Ph.D.)
  • Psychology (M.A. and Ph.D.)
  • Public Administration (M.P.A.)
  • Romance Languages (M.A.) (French, Italian, Spanish)
  • Sociology (M.A. and Ph.D.)
  • Speech-Language Pathology (M.A.)
  • Statistics, Mathematical (M.A.)
  • Urban Planning (M.U.P.)


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