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O. Wayne Steeves (born December 12, 1944) is a politician in the province of New Brunswick, Canada.

Steeves was born in Lower Coverdale, New Brunswick, the son of Noel Steeves and Vera Downing. A Progressive Conservative, he has been a candidate for the Legislative Assembly of New Brunswick for the electoral district of Albert in every election since 1991. Defeated in 1991 and 1995, Steeves was finally elected in 1999.

He was re-elected in 2003 and joined the cabinet as minister of public safety. He was again re-elected in 2006 but left the cabinet as his party formed the opposition.

He retained the seat until the 2014, when he did not run for re-election and was succeeded by Brian Keirstead.


New Brunswick Provincial Government of Bernard Lord
Cabinet post (1)
Predecessor Office Successor
Margaret-Ann Blaney Minister of Public Safety
John Foran
Legislative Assembly of New Brunswick
Preceded by
Harry Doyle
MLA for Albert
Brian Keirstead