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Waynefest was a small, three-day, outdoor music festival held annually between 2002 and 2007 in the southern Alberta ghost town of Wayne. Wayne is located in the Alberta badlands. The first Waynefest took place in 2002 and was initially intended to be a one-time event. It became an annual event after the first festival was a sold-out success. The festival showcases local, Canadian and even some international musicians.

Festival goers camped out in tents, trailers or motorhomes for the three days of the festival. In addition to the music, attendees were provided with several prepared meals by festival organizers, including the famous "Pitch-fork bar-b-que" (steak and/or chicken) speared onto pitch-forks and deep-fried in a vat of boiling oil.

A meagre 500 tickets were sold for Waynefest, which kept it an intimate event where the line between performer and audience is blurred. The relaxed atmosphere was a key feature - you could watch a performer on Saturday night and then sit with him/her at breakfast Sunday morning.

Past performers include Ann Vriend, NQ Arbuckle, Wendy McNeill, Melissa McClelland, Danny Michel, Kris Demeanor, Nathan, Elliott Brood, Painting Daisies, Melissa Majeau, Brock Skywalker, The James Murdoch Band, The Wailin' Jennys, Carolyn Mark, Luke Doucet, The Cash Brothers, Plaid Tongued Devils, Captain Tractor and Corb Lund.

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