Huaytapallana mountain range

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Huaytapallana mountain range
Panoramic View of Huaytapallana.jpg
Huaytapallana range as seen from the south
Highest point
Peak Waytapallana
Elevation 5,557 m (18,232 ft)
Length 17 km (11 mi) N-S
Country Peru
State/Province Junín Region
Parent range Andes

The Huaytapallana mountain range (Quechua wayta wild flower, a little bunch of flowers, pallay to collect, pallana an instrument to collect fruit; collectable, Waytapallana "a place where you collect wild flowers",[1][2] Hispanicized spelling Huaytapallana) lies in the Junín Region in the Andes of Peru. It extends between 11°47' and 11°56'S and 75°00' and 75°05'W for about 17 km.[3] The surface area of the zone is 378'40 km². The range is located in the provinces of Concepción and Huancayo.

In 2011 Waytapallana was declared an Area of Regional Conservation by Supreme Decrete No. 018-2011-MINAM. The area of 22,406.52 ha is situated in the districts of El Tambo, Huancayo, Pariahuanca and Quilcas of the Huancayo Province and in the Comas District of the Concepción Province.[4]


The highest mountain in the range is Huaytapallana at 5,557 metres (18,232 ft) (Lasuntay). Other mountains are listed below:[5][6][7]

  • Ch'uspi or Ch'uspiqucha, 5,500 metres (18,045 ft)
  • Quchas, 5,315 metres (17,438 ft)
  • Yana Uqsha, 5,300 metres (17,388 ft)
  • Putkaqucha, 5,236 metres (17,178 ft)
  • Anchhi, 5,200 metres (17,060 ft)
  • Qalla Qhata, 5,200 metres (17,060 ft)
  • Talwis, 5,200 metres (17,060 ft)
  • Pakaku, 5,200 metres (17,060 ft)
  • Puywan, 5,100 metres (16,732 ft)
  • T'illu, c. 5,050 metres (16,568 ft)
  • Piñaqucha, 5,000 metres (16,404 ft)
  • Marayrasu, 4,943 metres (16,217 ft)
  • Ch'iwan, 4,800 metres (15,748 ft)
  • Kiswar, 4,800 metres (15,748 ft)
  • Kuchilluyuq, 4,800 metres (15,748 ft)
  • Tunshu, 4,800 metres (15,748 ft)


The zone contains six lakes:

  • Ankap Wachanan (4,707 m amsl)
  • Qarwaqucha (4,407 m amsl)
  • Ch'uspiqucha (4,636 m amsl)
  • Hatunqucha (4,593 m amsl)
  • Lasu Hunt'ay (4,646 m amsl)
  • Pumaqucha (4,622 m amsl)


The Waytapallana mountain range is about 2 hours drive from the city Huancayo in the Junín Region. It is located 8 hours north-east of Lima.

For mountaineers in the mountain range, the departure point is called Virgen de las Nieves (Virgin of the Snow), located at 4,800 m (15,750 ft). At the Virgen de las Nieves there are two itineraries after which the ascent to the tip of the Waytapallana can be completed.


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