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AdelaideSouth Australia
St. Nicholas Church, Wayville.jpg
St. Nicholas Russian Orthodox Church on Greenhill Road
Population 1,734 (2006 census)[1]
1,642 (2001 Census)[2]
Established 1899
Postcode(s) 5034
Time zone ACST (UTC+9:30)
 • Summer (DST) ACDT (UTC+10:30)
LGA(s) City of Unley[3]
State electorate(s) South Australia
Federal Division(s) Australia
Mean max temp Mean min temp Annual rainfall
22.1 °C
72 °F
12.1 °C
54 °F
545.3 mm
21.5 in
Suburbs around Wayville:
Adelaide Parklands Terminal Adelaide

Park Lands

Park Lands
Keswick Wayville Unley
Forestville Goodwood Unley

Wayville is an inner-southern suburb of Adelaide in the City of Unley. It is most notable for its hosting of the Royal Adelaide Show at the Royal Adelaide Showgrounds. The suburb is bordered to the north with the southern Parklands of Adelaide, and mostly to the south with the tramline. The particular bordering locations of the South Park Lands are as follows: Kurrangga, Walyo Yerta, Minno Wirra, and Wikaparndo Wirra. The southern border consists of a number of landmarks. Starting at the Leader Street train crossing, the boundary follows Leader Street until Goodwood Road. The boundary then follows Parsons Street and crosses the tramline. Finally the southern boundary follows Simpson Parade. The east boundary is King William Road and the western boundary is the train tracks. Keswick Creek flows through the southern side of the suburb.


In the 1860s, the place where Wayville now stands was a milk run rented from the South Australian Company. In the 1870s, King William Road was extended down south to Greenhill Road, and this still forms the north-east boundary of the suburb.

Wayville was first subdivided in 1881, but it was named Goodwood at that time. In 1899 the area was named Wayville after Reverend James Way.

Wayville Post Office opened around 1909. Wayville Military Post Office was open from 16 July 1940 until 19 October 1946 while the Showgrounds were used as an army camp.[4]

Points of interest[edit]

The Latvian Hall or Talava, meaning the old mountain castle, was established in 1966. The hall is located at 4 Clark Street in Wayville. The hall is rented out to the community, and is supported by the Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Australia Inc. (LCCIA).

The Anglican Church of Emmanuel was located on the corner of Young Street and Clark Street, and formed part of the Anglican Parish of Parkside, along with St. Oswald's Church in Parkside. The cornerstone was laid by His Excellency the Governor Sir Thomas Bridges. on 28 April 1923. This church was closed in 2014.

The St Michael the Archangel Church is part of the Roman Catholic (Latin Rite) Society of St. Pius X.[5] The church was first built in 1894, the cornerstone laid on 15 September 1894. The Church and hall were rebuilt in 1948. The new cornerstone was laid by Mrs Playford, the wife of then Premier Thomas Playford IV on 20 November 1948.

There is a Ukrainian Catholic Church,[6] Protection of Mother of God Parish, on Davenport Terrace. On the Church grounds is a memorial, "In memory of soldiers who died for liberation of Ukraine". Next to this memorial is a smaller one, "In memory of Michael Sukmanowsky Ukrainian boy scout killed in Vietnam". The St Peter's Latvian EV-Lutheran Memorial Church was erected in the memory of those who served in the World Wars. The Church is part of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Latvia of Adelaide. The church was built in 1971.

The Adelaide Showground Farmers Market is open every Sunday, 9am to 1pm. The purpose of the market is to sell food and food related products by farmers and producers of South Australia. Entrance to the market is from the Leader Street (south) side of the Adelaide Showground.

The house Amphi Cosma [7][8] was built in 1914 by the noted Adelaide master builder Walter C. Torode for his own use. The architecture is of particular interest because of its octagonal unique design and its reinforced concrete structure, a noteworthy feature being a central reinforced concrete pillar and a series of radiating beams.


Annesley Junior School is an independent day school for girls and boys aged from two years old to year 6, located on Greenhill Road. This is on the northern edge of the suburb. The school was established in 1902 originally as Methodist Ladies' College.

The Alliance Française d’Adelaide[9] on 319 Young Street is an Australian not-for-profit association set up to promotion French language and culture. The Alliance Française d’Adelaide offers a range of French language courses. They sponsor a number of French culture events for music and the Alliance Française French Film Festival.

Fusion Business College[10] is a provider of training and development solutions to retail businesses. Fusion Business College is accredited by the Australian Government as a registered training organisation. Fusion Business Solutions was founded by Marc Brien and his wife Karen in July 1999.

Central Queensland University Appleton Institute is a multidisciplinary research hub located in Adelaide. The institute was founded in 2012. It is located at 44 Greenhill Road. It has a teaching program in Safety Science.

The SACE Board of South Australia [11] an independent statutory authority established under the SACE Board of South Australia Act 1983, with responsibility for the accreditation, assessment, recognition and certification of learning in the South Australian Certificate of Education (the SACE). SACE Board of South Australia is located at 60 Greenhill Rd, Wayville, SA 5034 (Phone: 08 8372 7400).


There are two Glenelg Tram stops[12] in Wayville. These are Greenhill Rd - Tram Stop 1 and Wayville - Tram Stop 2. Just outside Wayville in Goodwood there is a third tram stop, Goodwood Rd - Tram Stop 3. There are three bus stops on Goodwood Road, stops 1, 2, and 3. On Greenhill Road there are five stops, 1B, 1C, 2, 2A, and 2B. Finally on King William Road there are two stops, 1 and 2. On the northern side of the suburb is Greenhill Road is part of A21 the City Ring Route, Adelaide.

Popular bike trails for Wayville may be found at BikeMap.

Mike Turtur Bikeway[13][14] is from the City of Adelaide to Glenelg. Part of the bikeway runs along the edge of Wayville. The Mike Turtur Bikeway is the busiest cycling commuter route connected to the city.


Rosemary's Place is designed to be country friendly accommodation. The accommodation consists of two fully furnished comfortable and inexpensive 1 bedroom maisonettes in the heart of Wayville. It provides easy access to medical, government, and education services. It is located at 7 Rose Terrace.

Rectory Cottage is a B&B located at 15 Rose Terrace. The cottage was built in 1900 as a pastor’s residence. The cottage is two bedrooms and is self-contained.

Rose Terrace Lodge is located at 102 Rose Terrace. This is a Supported Residential Facilities.

Notable people[edit]

  • Vickie Chapman, Australian politician lived in Wayville
  • Sara Douglass, Australian fantasy writer went to school in Wayville
  • Oswald Bertram Lower, Australian chemist and pharmacist known for his contributions to entomology lived in Wayville
  • Sally Newmarch, Australian triple Olympic rower went to school in Wayville
  • Scott McPhee, Australian cyclist lives in Wayville
  • Joseph Albert Riley, prominent South Australian businessman lived in Wayville
  • Arthur Baker-Clack, Australian-born painter went to school in Wayville
  • Alison Mary Dolling, (pen-name Mary Broughton) Australian writer went to school in Wayville
  • Walter C. Torode noted Adelaide master builder lived in Wayville



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Coordinates: 34°57′S 138°35′E / 34.950°S 138.583°E / -34.950; 138.583