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The Wazirs or Waziris (Pashto: وزير‎) are a Karlani Pashtun tribe found mainly in the Pakistan-Afghanistan border region of North and South Waziristan. The Utmanzai are settled in the North Waziristan Agency and the Ahmadzai are in the South Waziristan Agency.[1][2][3] Those subgroups are in turn divided further, for example into Utmanzai tribes such as the Bakka Khel and Jani Khel.[4]

The common ancestor of the Ahmadzai and Utmanzai is believed by them to be the eponymous Wazir, who is also ancestor to the Mehsud tribe that has since taken a distinct and divergent path. Through Wazir, the tribes trace their origins to Karlani and thence to the founder of the Pashtun lineage, Qais Abdur Rashid.[5] Some western ethnologists consider them of being mix of Arachosian or Tatar ethnicity.[1]

Although the Utmanzai and Mehsud tribes have a traditional rivalry and live in geographically distinct regions,[6] the Ahamdzai and Mehsud communities co-exist peacefully and many head men are connected by marriage.[1]


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