Wczele coat of arms

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Herb Wczele.jpg
Battle cry Wczele, Wszczele
Alternative names Szachownica, Szczela, Wczela, Wszczele, Wszczelic
Earliest mention 1368
Towns none
Families 84 names altogether: Berkowski, Cema, Ceyma, Chełchowski, Chełkowski, Chomętowski, Chudziński, Chyłkowski, Daleszyński, Dobiejewski, Dobiejowski, Droszewski, Druw, Dzberowski, Dziakiewicz, Dziakowicz, Dziekczyński, Dzieleczyński, Dzieleszyński, Dzieszulski, Figler, Foglar, Fogler, Gaffron, Gałęski, Głuchowski, Gniazdowski, Golanka, Grabowiec, Grabowski, Grabski, Gurowski, Hołub, Iwan, Jabłkowski, Kaczanowski, Karchowski, Karmański, Karmieński, Karmiński, Karszanowski, Kemblan, Kęblan, Kościński, Kotowiecki, Lechon, Lechoń, Libek, Ludsławski, Ludzisławski, Luteński, Mieleński, Mieliński, Mieloński, Mileński, Miliński, Myślecki, Myślęcki, Naleski, Nalewski, Pelcz, Płuchowski, Pogorzelski, Pretficz, Pretwicz, Pretwitz, Prytwicz, Rumiejewski, Rumiejowski, Rumieniewski, Rumiewski, Rzegocki, Siekowski, Skoraczewski, Szołowski, Szucki, Trzecki, Tumigrała, Włościejewski, Włościejowski, Wszołowski, Zagłoba, Zagroba, Zberkowski

Wczele - is a Polish coat of arms. It was used by several szlachta families in the times of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth.


This coat of arms was passed down from the Silesian Bernard Pretficz (Bernhard von Prittwitz, Pretwic). He was born in 1500 and was one of the few Germans to have an elevated position under the Polish King. He became a Polish National Hero due to his success in driving the Tartars (Crimean Muslims) out of Poland, and what is now the Ukraine. This is the Prittwitz coat of arms. The story is that his ancestor was taken by a North African King. The King told him that if he was able to beat his daughter in chess he would be set free, if he lost he would be killed. The Prittwitz won and was told that he could take the life of the King's daughter. Instead he cut off her arms so that she could no longer play chess.


Notable bearers[edit]

Notable bearers of this coat of arms include:

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