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Katie and Brian in the Budgiedome at the 2006 Falcon Ridge Folk Festival

We're About 9 is an American folk band. Formed in Baltimore, MD in the late 1990s, the band has developed a following primarily through folk music festivals such as Falcon Ridge Folk Festival and coffeehouses in the mid-Atlantic and North Eastern U.S.


  • Katie Graybeal - bass, acoustic guitar, vocals
  • Brian Gundersdorf - guitar, vocals, piano, glockenspeil
  • Pat Klink - guitar, djembe, drums, vocals


The group met at an open mike at The Java House in Ellicott City, MD where they quickly identified the chemistry they shared, and started singing on each other's songs. They came up with the name "We're About 9" on the spot when they needed a name to go by on a particular night at the open mic, and the name (intended as a joke about the band members' maturity) stuck.

The band is noted for the witty lyrics of their original songs and for their moving vocal harmonies. Their songs are often crafted to tell stories from unexpected perspectives (including those of inanimate objects such as that of a bottle of port wine, or a parking space), or capture the emotion of significant life transitions (such as leaving a lover who has just proposed to you).


  • Something Important With Your Time, 2000
  • Something Magnetic, 2002 - 4 song EP
  • Engine, 2003
  • Live Wherever You Are, 2004
  • I Stopped Listening, 2005 - 6 song EP
  • Paperdust :: Stardust, 2008
  • Amalgam, 2010
  • Future Pilot, 2014

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