We're from America

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"We're from America"
Werefromamerica cover3.jpg
Single by Marilyn Manson
from the album The High End of Low
Released 27 March 2009, 14 April 2009 (CD Single)
Format Single
Recorded Hollywood, California, 2008-2009
Length 5:04
Label Interscope
Marilyn Manson singles chronology
"Putting Holes in Happiness"
"We're from America"

"Putting Holes in Happiness"
"We're from America"
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"We're from America" is a track from Marilyn Manson's 2009 album The High End of Low. The song was released as the first single from The High End of Low. Its title was revealed on March 18, 2009, in the month's issue of Kerrang!. The article erroneously states that the song was released during the second week of March 2009; however, this did not actually happen until March 27, when it was released for free as an MP3 on MarilynManson.com, accompanied by a new layout for the website. The song was reissued as a digital single on April 7, 2009, and is currently available on iTunes and Amazon.com.


In the March 18, 2009 issue of Kerrang!, Marilyn Manson said of the song:

"I think a lot of people will hear the track and initially think it's just political, but it's not just that, it's also me describing a lot of fucked-up scenarios that I'm going through in my personal life. Someone asked me, 'Why are you so fucked up?', 'Well, I am from America.' I hate the fact that so many people have fucked the country up, and so many people fucked up my personal life and I allowed it to happen. So in a way, I feel like America as a whole feels, but in no way does that make me a tree-hugging patriotic freedom rocker."

In response to this interview, Rudy Coby, who earlier gave a brief explanation of "Devour", said about the song on his MySpace profile:

"I love the song but it doesn't sound like any other song on the album--it was the one I said he played eleventh or twelveth [sic] almost as an afterthought. [...] It's one part of a journey--but it isn't giving away the game. I totally understand why Kerrang would want this as their special preview download though--everyone is reevaluating our country right now and this song is "America the (Un)Beautiful" and doesn't take any fucking shit."

Track listing[edit]

Hot Topic Exclusive CD single[edit]

All lyrics written by Marilyn Manson; all music composed by Twiggy Ramirez, Chris Vrenna.

1."We're from America"5:04
2."Four Rusted Horses (Opening Titles Version)"5:02


Chart (2009) Peak
US Hot 100 Singles Sales (Billboard)[3] 3


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