We're Experiencing Technical Difficulties

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Video on Trial
The current logo for We're Experiencing Technical Difficulties
Country of origin Canada
Producer(s) Cary Smith
Andrew Worrall
Running time 30 Minutes
Original network MuchMusic
Picture format 480i (SDTV)
Original release 2008-2010

We're Experiencing Technical Difficulties (also known as WETD) is a show that was produced and broadcast by MuchMusic. The show featured a mix of comedy, animation, sketches and fake interviews derived from pop culture.[1] Each episode was of about 12 minutes duration and MuchMusic aired about 2 episodes per half hour. WETD also made fun of celebrities (for example, the show mentioned a Tokio Hotel tampon ad), censors words in videos/interviews that shouldn't be (for example, the show censors the word "kiss" in the video from Katy Perry's I Kissed a Girl so that it sounds like an obscenity) and jokes about sexual content. There were also fake Much program promotions, such as "Wake Up Much", a "live" morning show with a relatively sleepy host.

The show had a connection with Video on Trial, because it got mentioned on one of the episodes on Video on Trial. Both programs were vaguely similar in terms of its highly sarcastic tone and style.

It first aired in September 2008 as a replacement for Stars Gone Wild after it was cancelled, but WETD also fared poorly in the ratings with a lot of negative audience reaction voiced on the MuchMusic message boards.


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