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WeTransfer logo.png
Website wetransfer.com
Alexa rank Negative increase 347 (September 2016)[1]
Launched 2009

WeTransfer is a cloud-based computer file transfer service based in Amsterdam, Netherlands to send files that may be much larger than permitted by email systems.[2][3] There is a free service, with more features available in a paid service. Free users can send files of up to 2GB, and WeTransfer Plus supports sending files of 20GB.[4] The company is bootstrapped and was co-founded in 2009 by Bas Beerens and Nalden.[5]


WeTransfer began life as OY Transfer,[6] a client-only FTP server for Beerens' local design consultancy OY Communications. However, after their client Nike Inc. expressed a preference for OY Transfer over their own tools, its potential became apparent and it was turned into a standalone business. From launch until September 2012 WeTransfer had delivered more than 100 million files.[7][1]

The service[edit]

In the free service, the user uploads files to WeTransfer's Web site and specifies the recipient's email address; the recipient is notified and can download the file until it expires, in seven days. The Plus service allows larger files, keeps them for longer, allows password-protection, and has other features.

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