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Founded2010; 9 years ago (2010) (as Fratelli Diversi)
FounderAlessandro Rosano
Daniele Guidi
Emma Bogren
ProductsWooden watches

WeWOOD is a watch brand that manufacturers wooden watches. The brand was developed in 2009 in Italy and its trademark was registered in 2010 under the company name Fratelli Diversi.[1] The headquarters of the company is located in Lamporecchio and a North American regional office is located in Los Angeles.[2]

According to WeWOOD, the company plants a tree for every watch sold. As of December 2013, the company has planted 250,000 trees in America and other countries where the watch is sold.[3] WeWOOD has partnered with American Forests, Trees for the Future[4] and Treedom for planting trees.[5]


The brand was developed in 2009 in Italy. Its trademark was registered by Alessandro Rosano, Daniele Guidi and Emma Bogren in 2010 under the company name Fratelli Diversi.[1] Prior to starting the company Guidi was an accessories distributor and Rosano was a shoe designer.[2] After a year of operations, the company opened a regional office in the United States in Fall 2011.[6][7]

The designs of the watches are prepared in Italy[8] and the watches are manufactured in Indonesia and China.[2] The company has offices in Los Angeles and Lamporecchio.[9] WeWOOD watches were launched in the United Kingdom in March 2011.[10] WeWOOD in the UK is distributed by Winshport LTD based in Poole, Dorset.[11] WeWOOD in Australia/Pacific region is distributed by Branched, located in Melbourne Victoria. WeWOOD in Brazil is distributed by Grupo Zarco®, located in Rio de Janeiro.


WeWOOD manufacturers watches completely from wood with the exception of the glass, movement, battery, pins and clasp.[2] The watches use Japanese Miyota movement pieces.[12] The company uses different woods to derive different colors for the watches and does not use dyes to alter the color of the wood.[13] WeWOOD also manufactures multi-wood watches.[8] The wood used in watches is hypo-allergenic and is not treated with chemicals. Therefore, the watches are not waterproof.[13]

The company uses recycled wood[14][15] for manufacturing watches.[16] Initially the company sold two designs, Date (analog) and Crono (digital).[9][17] However, WeWOOD started manufacturing several other designs later on.[18]

Environment conservation[edit]

WeWOOD promises to plant one tree for each watch sold.[8] For this purpose, WeWOOD works with American Forests to plant trees in North America and Trees for the Future to plant trees in other countries. By the end of 2013, the company had planted 250,000 trees.[3] Of these 50,000 trees were planted in Ghana, 7,500 in Texas and 5,000 in the Bitterroot National Forest.[9][19]

WeWOOD provides a quarterly financial statement to American Forests to document the number of trees planted.[20]

In the media[edit]

Since its launch WeWOOD has been featured in multiple national and international media outlets. ELLE wrote about WeWOOD watches, "Completely absent of artificial and toxic materials, these timber timepieces are as natural as your wrist – the perfect eco arm candy!"[8] and Vogue Italy wrote "Technically, no one can ever tell you that you have his same watch. Every wood, in fact, has a unique grain pattern as the DNA of a person."[1]

In 2011, WeWOOD's watch, Jupiter was featured in Three accessories for eco-friendly travel in The Globe and Mail.[21] WeWOOD watches were also featured in OK! Magazine's 2012 Christmas Gift Guide,[22] in New York Post's 50 great gifts (for everyone on your list!)[23] and in 6 Watches that Will Make You Want to Wear One in Fox News Magazine.[24]


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