We (Don't) Care

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We (Don't) Care
Released 2004
Genre Indietronica, synthpop
Length 26:44
Label N/A (self-released)
MGMT chronology
We (Don't) Care
Climbing to New Lows

We (Don't) Care is the first release by the rock band MGMT (at the time known as The Management). Newer versions of the tracks "Love Always Remains" and "Kids" were later released on MGMT's Cantora Records release Time to Pretend EP (2005) and additional versions of "Kids" appear on both their major-label debut Oracular Spectacular (2007–2008) and their demo album Climbing to New Lows (2005) recorded shortly after this EP. Additionally, "We Care", "We Don't Care" and "Grutu (Just Becuz)" were also included on Climbing to New Lows.

The EP was recorded with friend and engineer Billy Bennett in Athens, GA at his father's plumbing office.

Track listing[edit]

All tracks written by Andrew VanWyngarden and Ben Goldwasser.

No. Title Length
1. "We Care" 5:05
2. "Everything's Happening So Fast" 3:30
3. "Love Always Remains" 5:33
4. "Grutu (Just Becuz)" 3:29
5. "Kids" 5:11
6. "We Don't Care" 3:56
Total length: 26:08

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