We Are Acid Mothers Afrirampo!

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We Are Acid Mothers Afrirampo!
We Are Acid Mothers Afrirampo.jpg
Studio album by Acid Mothers Afrirampo
Released December 2005[1][2]
Genre Psychedelic rock, acid rock
Length 56:21
Label Acid Mothers Temple
Producer Kawabata Makoto
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Pitchfork Media (7.2/10)[3]

We Are Acid Mothers Afrirampo! is an album by members of Afrirampo and Acid Mothers Temple, under the band name Acid Mothers Afrirampo.


Plans for an Afrirampo and Acid Mothers Temple collaboration began in the spring of 2004, but instead Oni and Pikachu left Japan to study music in Africa.[4]

Track list[edit]

All tracks written by Acid Mothers Afrirampo[1].

No. Title Length
1. "We're Acid Mothers Afrirampo!" 27:41
2. "The Exorcist Of Love" 12:00
3. "The Man From The Magic Mountain" 16:40


Acid Mothers Afrirampo consists of Afrirampo members Oni and Pikachu and Acid Mothers Temple leader Kawabata Makoto and members Tsuyama Atsushi and Higashi Hiroshi.[1][2]

  • Oni - voice, electric guitar, degital guitar, soprano recorder, drums
  • Pikachu - voice, drums, percussion, toys, balloon
  • Tsuyama Atsushi - voice, bass, drums, degital guitar, acoustic guitar, soprano recorder, kantele
  • Higashi Hiroshi - electronics
  • Kawabata Makoto - electric guitar, violin, hurdygurdy, glockenspiel, percussion, electronics, voice

Technical personnel[edit]

  • Kawabata Makoto - production, mixing and engineering
  • K. Hara - engineering
  • Yoshida Tatsuya - digital mastering
  • Kawabata Sachiko - artwork
  • Hayasaka Tomohiro - live photography


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