We Are the Void

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We Are The Void
Dark Tranquillity - We Are the Void.jpg
Studio album by Dark Tranquillity

28 August 2009 – 14 October 2009[1]

Drums and Bass
(Gothenburg Rock Studios)

Guitars, Vocals and Keyboards
(Rogue Music)
Genre Melodic death metal
Length 47:45
Label Century Media
Producer Dark Tranquillity[2]
Dark Tranquillity chronology
We Are the Void

We Are the Void is the ninth full-length studio album by Swedish, melodeath band, Dark Tranquillity. It is their first and only album with bassist, Daniel Antonsson who joined in 2008 and left in 2013.

The band began writing for this album in late 2008 (except for the majority of "Iridium" which was written sometime between 1996-1998 but was left out until this album), all the way up to its recording and is considered to be the second part to their previous album, Fiction, as it continued many of the latter's elements, including the Drop B tuning that was largely present and the clean vocals Mikael Stanne re-introduced on that album.[3]

The band also began to release songs from this album on their MySpace page[4] starting with "Dream Oblivion" on 21 December 2009, "At the Point of Ignition" on 14 January 2010 and finally the entire album was available for free streaming on 19 February 2010.

Music videos were released for "Shadow in Our Blood" on 10 February 2010 and "In My Absence" on 22 February 2012.


Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 4.5/5 stars[5]

Kyle Ward, of Sputnik Music, described the album like this:

"If you take Fiction, cut out the awesome guitar riffs, increase the keyboard presence tenfold, and then make it more depressed-sounding, you will have exactly what We Are The Void delivers." [6]

The metalunderground website said that the album is "Excellent melodic death metal, but it feels like Dark Tranquillity has released the same album three times in a row now." [7]

Track listing[edit]

Original Release
No. Title Lyrics Music Length
1. "Shadow in Our Blood" Stanne Sundin 3:46
2. "Dream Oblivion" Stanne Antonsson/Henriksson 3:50
3. "The Fatalist" Stanne Henriksson/Jivarp 4:33
4. "In My Absence" Stanne Brändström/Henriksson/Sundin 4:47
5. "The Grandest Accusation" Stanne Sundin/Henriksson/Brändström/Jivarp 4:55
6. "At the Point of Ignition" Stanne Sundin/Henriksson 3:53
7. "Her Silent Language" Stanne Sundin/Jivarp/Henriksson 3:33
8. "Arkhangelsk" Sundin/Stanne Sundin 3:56
9. "I Am the Void" Stanne Sundin/Henriksson/Jivarp 3:59
10. "Surface the Infinite" Stanne Henriksson/Jivarp/Brändström 3:50
11. "Iridium" Sundin/Stanne Sundin/Brändström 6:43
Total length: 47:45

Inside The Void DVD[edit]

No. Title Length
1. "Studio Report 2009 - The Making Of The Void" 38:27
2. "Making Of Shadow In Our Blood Video" 3:04
3. "Where Death Is Most Alive DVD Trailer" 2:18
4. "ThereIn (Live In Milan)" 6:31
5. "Final Resistance (Live In Milan)" 4:00


Dark Tranquillity[edit]