We Dreamed our Dreams

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We Dreamed our Dreams is a song written (words and music) by Irish songwriter Dick Farrelly. Dick is best known for his song, "Isle of Innisfree" theme of the film, The Quiet Man. "We Dreamed our Dreams" was first recorded by, The Fureys & Davey Arthur on their album, "The Scattering" released in 1988 on the Harmac Record Label.

The song is published by Andic Songs / MCPS

Below is an extract from the song's words:

We dreamed our dreams
As we walked in the Wicklow byways
Your promise came like a lark refrain
Warm and true
And I gave my promise too

We dreamed our dreams
As we kissed in the summer gladness
Yet soon I’d cry
It would be goodbye
Then you’d be gone
Like the swallows you’d be gone

Other recordings[edit]

Also recorded by: Cathy Ryan, Sean Keane, The BBC Radio Orchestra featuring Finbar Furey on an album of the same title.

There is also a version by Sinead Stone & Gerard Farrelly (Dick Farrelly's son) on an album titled, Legacy of a Quiet Man, the CD is a collection of songs by Dick Farrelly.

In 2011 it has been recorded by Maura O'Connell/Cherish The Ladies in the United States.


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