We Have Ways of Making You Laugh

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We Have Ways of Making You Laugh
We Have Ways of Making You Laugh title with Frank Muir.jpg
title screen with host Frank Muir
Genre Comedy
Directed by Bill Turner
Presented by Frank Muir
Country of origin UK
No. of episodes 12
Producer(s) Humphrey Barclay
Original network London Weekend Television
Original release 2 August 1968 (1968-08-02)

We Have Ways of Making You Laugh was a comedic television series produced by Humphrey Barclay and directed by Bill Turner for London Weekend Television.[1] Frank Muir hosted the show.[2] It featured Kenneth Cope,[1] Eric Idle and Katherine Whitehorn, with music and writing by Benny Green. Dick Vosburgh prepared material spoofing Jimmy Young for the show. Terry Gilliam created animations using cut-outs, a technique he later used in Monty Python's Flying Circus.[3] The series was live. Its debut broadcast was scheduled for 2 August 1968. Although the cast performed, only the first 15 seconds of the first show were transmitted, due to an industrial action[2] (other, prerecorded programming was unaffected by the labour dispute).[4] There are no known recordings of its 12 episodes.[5]


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