We Love Our Enterprises Movement

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We Love Our Enterprises Movement is a business-friendly movement launched by Changwon City government, Republic of Korea, in October 2004.


Based on Changwon National Industrial Complex established in 1974, Changwon City has been developed significantly. Over 60% of its citizens rely on enterprises for a living, and over 40% of regional tax revenue is contributed by enterprises, which means private enterprise is the core of the city's development. However, there is an anti-enterprise sentiment in the region, and that’s why a fully inclusive “We Love Our Enterprise Movement” was initiated for the first time in Korea on 15 October 2004.

As a result, the definition and innovative vision of this business-friendly movement have been established. In practice, many measures have been taken to promote enterprise spirit, such as We Love Our Enterprises Festival, the CEO/worker/research team of the year award, running the enterprise hall of fame, enactment of enterprise promotion ordinances, proclamation of enterprise day, management consultant service and welfare program for workers.

Since the South Korean government and economic organizations recognize this as an innovative policy, the Ministry of Knowledge Economy was moved to proclaim the initial year in a 'drive to promote enterprise spirit' on 28 April 2005, inspiring the creation of an enterprise promotion council and a federation of enterprise promotion. Furthermore, there have been continued nationwide efforts with the theme of the business-friendly movement, such as the conference on case study of excellent enterprise innovation and organizing entrepreneurship week.

Changwon City, Republic of Korea, has seen its status as the creator of the business-friendly movement.