We Married Margo

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We Married Margo
We Married Margo poster.jpg
We Married Margo promotional poster
Directed byJ. David Shapiro
Produced byKaren Shapiro
Nancy Shapiro
Pamela Shapiro Schloss
Stephen Zakman
Written byJ. David Shapiro
William Dozier
StarringJ. David Shapiro
William Dozier
Kylie Bax
Kevin Bacon
Tom Arnold
Jillian Johns
Sal Catalano
Margaret Easley
Music byRichard Bennett
Shawn Clement
Dan Schloss
Glenn Schloss
CinematographyJeff Baustert
Distributed by- North America -
New Line Cinema
- International -
Release date
Running time
85 minutes
CountryUnited States

We Married Margo is a 2000 American independent comedy film directed by J. David Shapiro and co-written by Shapiro and William Dozier. The film tells a story of two friends who were married to the same woman and is loosely based on real events in that Shapiro and Dozier actually met after dating the same woman named Margaux.[1] The film was awarded the Audience Award for Comedy Film of the Year at the 2000 The Comedy Festival (formerly known as the US Comedy Arts Festival) and was nominated for the Grand Jury Prize at the Slamdance Film Festival the same year.


Margo (Kylie Bax) is a woman from New Jersey who marries a fellow New Jersey native Jake (J. David Shapiro). After it becomes evident that their marriage will not last, the two are divorced and Margo is remarried, this time to Rock (William Dozier), a California surfer. However, this marriage does not last long either and they are quickly divorced.

Jake and Rock were previously introduced to each other by Margo and, after they are both divorced from her, they form a friendship and live as roommates. The two have very little in common except for the fact that they married and divorced the same woman. They become best friends, even though they constantly irritate each other, and they decide to write a film based on their experience of being married to Margo. During their work on the project, they meet many more people just like them whose lives were impacted by Margo.


The film featured cameo appearances by several actors, professional athletes and celebrities appearing as themselves. All of them claimed and had stories to tell about how Margo had an influence on their lives, some of them never having met her in person. The most notable of these cameos is Kevin Bacon’s explanation of Six degrees of Margo,[2] a clear reference to the popular trivia game Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon.

The following is a partial list of cameo appearances in the film:


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