We R Are Why

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"We R Are Why"
Single by Autechre
B-side "Are Y Are We?"
Released 14 April 1996
Format 12-inch single
Length 14:43
Label Warp Records
Producer(s) Autechre
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"We R Are Why"

"We R Are Why" is an Autechre 12-inch single released by mail-order and available at some concerts, by Warp Records in 1996. It was written and produced by Rob Brown and Sean Booth.

Sean Booth:
"we r are why were the first two tracks we did on the ry30
they're both entirely done in the ry30 – with a bit of fx on the diff channels maybe, can't rem"[1]

Track listing[edit]

All tracks written by Sean Booth and Rob Brown.

No. Title Length
1. "We R Are Why" 8:35
2. "Are Y Are We?" 6:08
Total length: 14:43

There is intentionally no speed listed on the release. In an "AAA (Ask Autechre Anything)" on the site WATMM, Sean Booth stated "our original intention [was] to not write it on the record".[2] The durations above were measured when the vinyl was played at 45 rpm.[3]


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