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We Tripantu is the Mapuche New Year fest that takes place on the June solstice which in the Southern Hemisphere is the Winter solstice.

We Tripantu (Mapudungun tr: new sunrise) is the conclusion of the Mapuche New Year that takes place between June 21 and June 24 in the Gregorian calendar.[1] It is the Mapuche's equivalent to the Inti Raymi. The Pachamama (Quechua tr: Mother Earth), Nuke Mapu (uke' Mapu) begins to bloom fertilized by Sol, from the Andean heights to the southern tip. Antü (mapuche), Inti (Aymara), or Rapa (rapanui) Sol, the sun starts to come back to earth, after the longest night of the year; it's winter Solstice. Everything starts to bloom again.[2]


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