We Want Your Soul

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"We Want Your Soul" is a 2003 breakbeat song by British DJ and producer Adam Freeland; the song made the Top 40 charts in several countries,[citation needed] and resulted in an award-winning music video.[1][unreliable source?] It is the first song to which Freeland wrote the lyrics,[2] he describes it as being "about the destructive side of consumer culture", and about how commercialism is inescapable.

Rather than being sung, the song's verses are spoken by a speech synthesizer; the song also features a sample of Bill Hicks. The song has also been remixed by drum and bass duo Ed Rush & Optical and electronic band Product.01.

Austrian duo Klangkarussell created an electronic house remix of the song. It was originally released in 2011 through the duo's SoundCloud profile before being including in their 2014 debut album Netzwerk.[3]