We Want Your Soul

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"We Want Your Soul" is a song by British DJ and producer Adam Freeland; the song made the top 40 charts in several countries,[citation needed][dubious ] and resulted in an award-winning music video.[1][unreliable source?][unreliable source?] It is the first song to which Freeland wrote the lyrics;[2] he describes it as being "about the destructive side of consumer culture".[3]

Rather than being sung, the song's verses are spoken by a speech synthesizer; the song also features a sample of Bill Hicks.[2] The song has also been remixed by drum and bass duo Ed Rush and Optical and electronic band Product.01.[citation needed]

Freeland later reported that the Target Corporation sought to license We Want Your Soul for use in an advertising campaign,[4] which he refused.

Austrian electronic music duo Klangkarussell created a remix of the song. It was originally released in 2011 through the duo's SoundCloud profile before being including in their 2014 debut album Netzwerk.[5][not in citation given]

The track was also used with a new video introduction to open the main stages at Boomtown Festival 2017.


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