We Are Bis from Glasgow, Scotland

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We are Bis from Glasgow, Scotland
Greatest hits album by Bis
Released April 30, 2007
Recorded 1995 - 2006
Genre Indie, electropop, britpop, pop punk
Length 66:28
Label Cherry Red
Producer Bis, Kurt-Pagan Davies
Bis chronology
Plastique Nouveau
(2002)Plastique Nouveau2002
We Are Bis from Glasgow, Scotland
Data Panik Etcetera
(2014)Data Panik Etcetera2014

We Are Bis from Glasgow, Scotland is the Greatest Hits album by the Scottish pop group Bis. It was released on April 30, 2007 on the Cherry Red record label.

Track listing[edit]

  1. Kandy Pop
  2. Eurodisco
  3. Kill Yr Boyfriend
  4. Starbright Boy
  5. I'm A Slut
  6. Action and Drama
  7. Sweet Shop Avengerz
  8. School Disco
  9. Monstarr
  10. This is Fake D.I.Y.
  11. Tell it to the Kids
  12. Secret Vampires
  13. Icky-poo Air Raid
  14. I Want it All
  15. The End Starts Today
  16. Dead Wrestlers
  17. Making People Normal
  18. Cubis (I Love You)
  19. Today of All Days
  20. Love Will Tear Us Apart[1]

Bonus DVD[edit]

The album includes a DVD of the group's promo videos and an extensive photo gallery:

  1. Kandy Pop
  2. This Is Fake D.I.Y
  3. Sweet Shop Avengerz
  4. Starbright Boy
  5. Tell it to the Kids
  6. Eurodisco
  7. Everybody Thinks They're Going To Get Theirs
  8. Action and Drama
  9. Detour
  10. The End Starts Today
  11. Photo Gallery[2]