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Protests in 2013, Berlin
Protests in 2013, Berlin

We are fed up! (Wir haben es satt!) is the theme of a series of demonstrations in Germany against industrial livestock production and for more sustainable farming. The biggest demonstrations take place every year in Berlin since 2011[1] and attract up to 30,000 people.[2][3][4] Around 120 different groups which represent farmers, companies and environmental rights and animal rights activists organize and sustain the demonstrations.[5][6] The protests take place parallel to the Berlin International Green Week.


Independent from the protests in Berlin there were demonstrations under a similar theme in Amsterdam in 2012 and 2013. The event in the Netherlands was called “we zijn het MEGA zat” which translates to “we are MEGA fed up” and is a reference to the scale of industrial livestock farming.[7][8][9]


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