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Protests in 2013, Berlin
Protests in 2013, Berlin

We are fed up! (Wir haben es satt!) is the theme of a series of demonstrations in Germany against industrial livestock production and for more sustainable farming. The biggest demonstrations take place every year in Berlin since 2011[1] and attract up to 30,000 people.[2][3][4] Around 120 different groups which represent farmers, companies and environmental rights and animal rights activists organize and sustain the demonstrations.[5][6] The protests take place parallel to the Berlin International Green Week.


The protestors argue that an increasingly industrialized agriculture is a threat to the environment, biodiversity and the livelihood of small family farmers. They demand change towards more environmentally friendly farming, protection of bees, fair prices for farmers, better policies against hunger, against food scandals, against monocultures, against land grabbing and against GMOs. The organizers of the demonstrations also criticized heavily the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership.[7]

70 tractors also took part in the We are fed up!-demonstration in 2014.

Independent from the protests in Berlin there were demonstrations under a similar theme in Amsterdam in 2012 and 2013. The event in the Netherlands was called “we zijn het MEGA zat” which translates to “we are MEGA fed up” and is a reference to the scale of industrial livestock farming.[8][9][10]


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