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We in the Zone
(From left to right: Jooan, Kyeongheon, Shihyun, Eson, and Min)
Background information
OriginSeoul, South Korea
Years active2019 (2019)–present
  • Eson
  • Jooan
  • Min
  • Kyeongheon
  • Shihyun

We in the Zone (Hangul: 위인더존) is a South Korean boy band formed in Seoul in 2019 under Choon Entertainment. The group is composed of five members: Eson, Jooan, Min, Kyeongheon, and Shihyun. They debuted on May 27, 2019 with their self-titled album "We in the Zone".[1]



Shihyun participated in the Mnet survival series Produce 101 Season 2 in 2017. He left the show before it's official airing due to medical reasons. He later debut in the duo group Longguo & Shihyun with the album the.the.the. The duo quietly disband, Shihyun released "Sweet Potato X 100" with Kim So-hee. He later participated in MBC survival show Under Nineteen in 2018.[2] He was in the running for ninth place which would have allowed him to join the winning group but placed 10 in the final episode.

During late 2018, Choon Entertainment announced a new boy group by the name WITZ.[3][4] The group consisted of Eson, Jooan, and Kyeongheon. Eson and Jooan both released mixtapes. WITZ released dance covers on their YouTube channel.[5]

In April it was announced that they group would be debuting with the additional members Shihyun and Min.

2019: Debut and We in the Zone[edit]

The group originally announced the debut date to be May 29 but later changed it to the 27 of the month.[6] Leading up to the release of the album, the group revealed album prologs for each member.[7] On May 27, 2019 the group debut with their self-titled album with a few self produced songs.[8] They held their debut show case at Hongdae Hana Tour V Hall in Seoul, performing a number of songs off of the album including their title track.[9]


  • Eson (이슨)
  • Jooan (주안)
  • Min (민)
  • Kyeongheon (경헌)
  • Shihyun (시현)


  • We in the Zone


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