We Versus the Shark

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We Versus the Shark
Origin Athens, Georgia
Genres Math rock
Years active 2003–2009
Labels Hello Sir, Quote Unquote Records
Website wevstheshark.com

We Versus the Shark was an American rock band from Athens, Georgia.


The band formed in March 2003, and is composed of several multi-instrumentalists who change instruments and all sing during live shows.[1][2] Their debut full-length, Ruin Everything!, was released in January 2005 on the label Hello Sir.[3][4][5][6] An EP followed in 2007.[7] The band released the album "Dirty Versions" on November 17, 2008.[8] The band also released an album of cover songs on Quote Unquote Records featuring songs by bands as diverse as Tom Waits, Tears for Fears, The Matt Kurz One and Television.


  • Luke Douglas Fields - guitar, keyboards, vocals
  • Jeffrey Daniel Tobias - bass, keyboards, vocals
  • Scott Philip Smith - drums
  • Samantha Erin Paulsen - guitar, keyboards, vocals