Wealthy Park Baptist Church

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Wealthy Park Baptist Church
42°58′16″N 85°36′51″W / 42.97117°N 85.61413°W / 42.97117; -85.61413Coordinates: 42°58′16″N 85°36′51″W / 42.97117°N 85.61413°W / 42.97117; -85.61413
Location Grand Rapids, Michigan
Country United States
Denomination General Association of Regular Baptist Churches
Website wealthypark.org
Former name(s) Wealthy Street Baptist Church

Wealthy Park Baptist Church is an American church, located in Grand Rapids, Michigan, established in 1886. It had previously been a Sunday school mission of Fountain Street Baptist Church started in 1875.[1]

Wealthy Street Church

The church was originally known as the Wealthy Street Baptist Church before moving to the suburbs. The congregation called Oliver Willis Van Osdel to become its pastor in 1909. Van Osdel had pastored the church years before, but when the congregation refused to follow his lead and erect a new building, he had left for Spokane, Washington. Upon returning to Wealthy Street, Van Osdel led the church through the construction of the new building in 1912. He also made Wealthy Street into one of the capitals of the fundamentalist movement. Van Osdel was one of the founders of the General Association of Regular Baptist Churches.

The church was pastored for forty years by the Rev. Dr. David Otis Fuller, a King James Only movement proponent.

It was the birthplace to Grand Rapids Baptist College, a predecessor to what is now called Cornerstone University, and served as its home from 1941 to 1964.


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