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Origin Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Genres Death metal, black metal
Years active 2003–2013
Labels The Ajna Offensive, Relapse
Website weaponchakra.com

Weapon was a Canadian blackened death metal band,[1][2][3][4][5] formed by frontman Vetis Monarch in early 2003. Weapon signed with Relapse Records in 2011 and released their label debut, Embers and Revelations, in 2012.[6] Subsequently, Weapon toured North America with Marduk beginning in May 2012.[7]

In October 2012, Weapon and an older United Kingdom band of the same name came to a legal agreement that the latter band would add 'UK' to their band name. Weapon state at their official Facebook page that they own the US, Canadian and UK trademarks on the name, leading the UK band to change their moniker.[8][9]

According to frontman Vetis Monarch, Weapon's lawyer Eric Greif worked out their recording deal with Relapse and settled the legal dispute over the band name.[10]

The band announced on June 28, 2013 that they had broken up.[11] Since that announcement, Vetis Monarch has said that he has immersed himself in the corporate world and felt that further Weapon albums would only "be a black/death metal record by the numbers", which he felt would be stagnation.[12] He also spoke critically of the general fanbase of heavy metal and the related culture, saying that

90% of metalheads have been some of the dumbest and most ignorant people I have ever met. I no longer wish to be even remotely associated with that brain-dead, gasmasked goat culture in any way shape or form. Not that Weapon ever pandered to that specific bottom-feeding niche, but they’re around, and I felt myself being dumbed down by even hearing these so called 'elitists' have conversations about their patch vests, the latest third rate war metal franchise or the newest oxymoronic 'anticosmic' band ripping off Thomas Karlsson’s words and book cover.[12]

Despite his comments about metal fans, Vetis Monarch proclaimed his ongoing appreciation for metal music.[12]


Final line-up[edit]

  • Vetis Monarch – guitar, vocals, bass (2003–2013)
  • The Disciple – drums (2008–2013)
  • Kha Tumos – bass (2009–2013)
  • Rom Surtr – guitar (2011–2013)

Former members[edit]

  • Nohttzver – drums (2004–05)
  • Kapalyq – bass (2005)
  • Menschenfiend – guitar (2007–08)
  • Arcan of Death – drums (2007–08)
  • Agni Nethra – bass (2008)
  • Sabazios Diabolus – bass (2008–09)
  • Vileblood Dahcnial – guitar (2009)
  • Apostle VIII – guitar (2009–11)


  • Within the Flesh of the Satanist (demo, 2004)
  • Violated Hejab (EP, 2005)
  • Para Bhakti... Salvation (EP, 2008)
  • Drakonian Paradigm (2009)
  • From the Devil's Tomb (2010)
  • Embers and Revelations (2012)
  • Naga: Daemonum Praeteritum (Compilation, 2013)


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