Weapon Masters

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Weapon Masters
StarringChad Houseknecht
Mike Loades
No. of seasons1
No. of episodes10
Original networkDiscovery Channel

Weapon Masters is a television show that was premiered on the Discovery Channel on December 31, 2007, and on the Military Channel.[1]

The hosts, Chad Houseknecht and Mike Loades, a weapons historian, choose a different historical weapon each week. While Loades explores its history — often traveling to the country from which it came to interview modern practitioners — Houseknecht capers about, gibbering and gurning, while attempting to improve on it using modern technology (for example, a pneumatic device was added to a blowgun in one episode). At the end of each episode a challenge test of the new version is held.


  • Source:[2]
    • Ep.1 (Roman Scorpion)
    • Ep.2 (Greek Fire)
    • Ep.3 (Dueling Pistols)
    • Ep.4 (Atlatl)
    • Ep.5 (Katana)
    • Ep.6 (Repeating Crossbow)
    • Ep.7 (Rockets)
    • Ep.8 (Chakram)
    • Ep.9 (Chariot Bow)
    • Ep.10 (Blowpipe)


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