Weapons of Mass Distraction

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Weapons of Mass Distraction
Weapons of Mass Distraction.jpg
Written byLarry Gelbart
Directed byStephen Surjik
Music byDon Davis
Country of originUnited States
Original language(s)English
Producer(s)Sean Ryerson
Editor(s)Zach Staenberg
Running time100 min

Weapons of Mass Distraction is a 1997 television film directed by Stephen Surjik and starring Gabriel Byrne, Ben Kingsley and Wooski Hart, Mimi Rogers, Jeffrey Tambor, and other stars in an ensemble cast, about two media moguls and their fight over ownership of a professional American football team. It was written by Larry Gelbart.

This film was nominated for four Primetime Emmy awards.


Lionel Powers and Julian Messenger are filthy rich men with dirty family secrets. They play dirty as well, fighting for control over a professional football team in Los Angeles with every weapon at their disposal.

While the billionaires scheme and squabble, the married couple Rita and Jerry Pascoe can barely make ends meet. Their marriage becomes strained with Jerry's continuing inability to hold or find a job. While rich people blackmail one another, homeless people look for handouts and Jerry Pascoe is reduced to cleaning stadium restrooms and applying for a job as a peanut vendor.

The tabloid-worthy secrets in the lives of Powers' wife Ariel and right-hand man Alan Blanchard lead to dire consequences for all. The marriage of the Pascoes, meanwhile, turns tragi-comically from a terrible climax to fodder for reality TV.


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