Wear Your Love Like Heaven

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"Wear Your Love Like Heaven"
Wear Your Love Like Heaven - Donovan.jpg
Single by Donovan
from the album A Gift from a Flower to a Garden
B-side "Oh, Gosh!"
Released Dec 1967
Format 7" single
Genre Psychedelic pop
Label Epic 5-10253
Songwriter(s) Donovan Leitch
Producer(s) Mickie Most
Donovan USA singles chronology
"There is a Mountain"
"Wear Your Love Like Heaven"
"Jennifer Juniper"

"There is a Mountain"
"Wear Your Love Like Heaven"
"Jennifer Juniper"
Audio sample
Prussian blue
Alizarin crimson

"Wear Your Love Like Heaven" is a song and US single by British singer/songwriter Donovan, released in 1967. It became the opening title of his double album A Gift from a Flower to a Garden. Chart position: No.23 (USA).

The song mentions seven dye and pigment colours: Prussian blue, Scarlet, Crimson, Havana lake, Carmine (color), Rose carmethene and Alizarin crimson.


  • Eartha Kitt, on her 1970 album Sentimental.[1]
  • They Might Be Giants, as a spoken word piece.
  • Sarah McLachlan, for the Donovan tribute album Island of Circles; it also appeared on US printings of her 1991 album Solace.
  • Japanese noise artist Masonna perform a noise "cover" of this song on Japanese/American Noise Treaty compilation.
  • Peggy Lipton Her 1970 single appeared in the Record World "Non-Rock" Top 40.
  • "Wear Your Love Like Heaven" is a track from Richie Havens' 1969 album, "Richard P. Havens, 1983." A cover of Donovan's 1967 single, the track is one of three live performances included on Haven's 1969 album.
  • Guy Davis (musician), son of Ruby Dee and Ossie Davis, included the song on his 2015 album "Kokomo Kidd."

Appearances in other media[edit]

The song was featured in commercials for Menley & James' Love Cosmetics line in the late 1960s and early 1970s, including an Eau De Love fragrance commercial that featured Ali MacGraw.

It was featured in Season 13 The Simpsons episode "Weekend at Burnsie's" where Homer Simpson (after he smokes medicinal marijuana) gets ready for work and pictures his world as a psychedelic wonderland.

Definition of Sound's "Wear Your Love Like Heaven", a UK Top 20 hit in 1991, is a different song with the same title, but contains samples from the Donovan track.


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