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Weather (iOS).png
The Weather app on iOS 11 showing current weather information and forecast for Sydney
The Weather app on iOS 11 showing current weather information and forecast for Sydney
Developer(s)Apple Inc.
Operating system
TypeWeather forecasting

Weather is a preinstalled mobile app on iPod Touch and iPhone since 2008.[1] It has been bundled with iOS since iPhone OS 1.[2]


The app allows the user to see the weather of a number of selected cities. Locations can be added by pressing the list icon and the plus icon which allows the user to type in the city's name, ZIP Code or postal code or airport code. Locations can be removed by tapping the list icon and swiping left on the location that the user wants to delete.[1]

The Weather app in iOS 8 was updated to use The Weather Channel as its source of information for the weather (rather than Yahoo Weather).[3] As of March 2019, Yahoo ended support for the Weather app on iOS 7 and earlier.

In iOS 10 and later, the app can be removed from the home screen if the user wishes to.[4] As of iOS 12, information about the weather can be displayed on an iOS device's lock screen after an alarm set by the device's "Bedtime" feature goes off.[5]


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